Chinese Labor Camp Whistleblower Escapes, Vows to Pursue Lawsuit
Liu Hua was freed this week from criminal detention linked to her role in a cutting-edge documentary that exposed widespread abuses at the Masanjia women's labor camp in the northeastern province of Liaoning.
Three Feared Dead in Inner Mongolia After Home Swallowed by Mine
Monday's cave-in in the region's Alxa (in Chinese, Alashan) League Left Banner, saw the ground fall to a depth of at least 50 meters (164 feet), eyewitnesses told RFA.
Church Members in China Defend Against Demolition
The churchgoers gathered to defend the church Monday, staying overnight and well into Tuesday after authorities said the government-approved Protestant church had illegal structures and additions that violated building codes.
Henan Teachers Vow to Keep Marching Over Pay Demands
Around 2,000 teachers from Henan's Wuyang county marched on Monday to government buildings in Luohe city, following mass protests of more than 5,000 teachers at the weekend, participants told RFA.
Chinese Police Probe Bloodshed After Beating Sparks Violent Backlash
Around 1,000 people gathered in Cangnan county near Zhejiang's coastal city of Wenzhou on Saturday in a violent response to reports that China's notorious urban management officials, or chengguan, had beaten a citizen journalist to death for taking photos of their behavior towards a female street vendor, local media reported.
China's Soil Heavily Polluted by Mining, Industry: Report
The survey tested soil samples taken across 6.3 million square kilometers (2.4 million square miles) of China's territory, roughly two-thirds of the total, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said in a statement on its website on Thursday. "The survey results show that [the outlook for] the national soil environment is not optimistic," the ministry said.
Seven Herders Held After Inner Mongolia Clashes
The detentions came after around 150 herders from Chagaan-oboo Gachaa in Heshigten Banner (in Chinese, Keshiketeng Qi) to the north of Chifeng city staged a sit-in protest in front of the Inner Mongolia Yindu Mining Co. on Wednesday.
Herders told RFA that the company had been dumping toxic waste onto their grazing lands in since January, causing the death of livestock.
China Jails Four Activists Who Called For Transparency
Beijing's Haidian District People's Court sentenced Ding Jiaxi, who called publicly on Chinese officials to reveal details of their wealth, for three and a half years, while veteran democracy activist Zhao Changqing received a two-and-a-half year sentence, both for "gathering a crowd to disrupt public order," the court said in a statement on Friday.
Chinese blogger Charles Xue gets bail after illness
One of China's most influential bloggers, Charles Xue, has been granted bail after months of detention because of a "serious illness", officials say. With 12 million followers, he was one of an elite band of micro-bloggers. After his arrest amid an internet crackdown last year, he appeared on state television to apologise for "irresponsible posts" online.
Hong Kong Residents Adrift in Mainland Prisons?
Yang’s immigration documents were revoked in March 2013 in retaliation for his attempts to visit Liu Xia (刘霞), the wife of imprisoned Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波), who is under house arrest in Beijing. Yang is reportedly suffering from severe headaches and has been unable to receive treatment outside Shenzhen No. 1 Detention Center, where he is being held. 
Released Chinese Writer Vows to Finish Probe Into Child Quake Deaths
Tan Zuoren was jailed in May 2009 for subversion after he tried to probe allegations of corruption linked to shoddy construction standards in school buildings in the aftermath of the 8.0 magnitude earthquake, which left more than 80,000 people dead and sparked widespread public anger.
Thousands Protest For Better Benefits at Top Chinese Shoe Factory
More than 30,000 workers at the Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings factory in Dongguan city took to the streets in protest at unpaid social benefits, improper labor contracts and low wages, clashing with riot police who beat protesters on Tuesday with batons outside the municipal government, striking workers and rights groups said.
Chinese Lawyers Say They Were Tortured, Told They Would Be Fed to Dogs ‘Like Kim’s Uncle’
Three Chinese lawyers who were whisked away by plainclothes police last month say they were tortured and threatened. Tang Jitian, Wang Cheng, and Jiang Tianyong were detained while protesting a “black jail” holding practitioners of Falun Gong, a spiritual movement banned by Beijing. The trio told the New York Times they were hung from the ceiling and beaten. Guards also threatened, variously, to bury them alive, take out their kidneys and feed them to dogs “like Kim Jong Un’s uncle,” they said.
Tang is among a group of four Chinese rights lawyers who say they were tortured by police when they were rounded up in late March after protesting outside a detention center in Jiansanjiang, a farming community in northeastern China. They had joined several people shouting to demand information about relatives believed locked up inside because they were members of Falun Gong — banned as a cult though they claim to be a peaceful spiritual movement.
Hong Kong Democrats Discuss Election with Beijing Officials
“On arrival of the first batch, one of the legislators was found to be in possession of June 4th material [1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown] which the Chinese customs regarded as illegal matter. They tried to persuade Mr. Leung, the legislator in question, not to bring those illegal material which Mr. Leung refused and as a result of which he returned to Hong Kong without actually getting into Shanghai,” said Tong.
Thousands Clash With Chinese Police in Crematorium Protests
Thousands of people—some of whom skipped work and cut classes—took part in the protest, which began at the weekend over the planned construction of the crematorium in Ligang near Huazhou city, which is administered by Maoming city, even after official media reports said that the project will be shelved.
Chinese Residents Slam Lack of Transparency Over Toxic Water Scare
Stores in Lanzhou were packed with jostling shoppers desperate to buy the last cases of bottled mineral and distilled water on Friday after the authorities announced that levels of the carcinogen benzene, a cancer causing substance, had been detected in the city's tap water at 20 times the legal limit.
China Court Upholds Jail Term for Activist,Xu Zhiyong
Xu, who now faces four years in prison, called the ruling “ridiculous” and told the court Friday that “the haze of Communist autocracy will fade away.”
Police Crack Down on Thousands at Daqing Oilfield Jobs Protest
The protest entered its second day with a crowd of workers and their grown children at the state-owned oilfield—once touted by the ruling Chinese Communist Party as an icon of socialist modernization—holding up banners in protest, before clashing with police.
The West Australian:Third anti-corruption activist on trial in China
Zhao Changqing, 45, faces a possible five year prison sentence for supporting activists who unveiled banners in Beijing calling for government officials to disclose their assets -- despite not being present, his lawyer Zhang Peihong said. Zhao is associated with the New Citizens Movement, a loose-knit network of campaigners against corruption, among other issues. China jailed a founder of the movement in January, and more than 10 other members have been tried.Zhao pleaded not guilty to a charge of "gathering a crowd to disrupt public order" for his alleged involvement in three small-scale protests in Beijing, which saw activists unfurl banners, Zhang said.
Lawyers Walk Out of Trial of Chinese Anti-Graft Activists in Protest
The trial of New Citizens' Movement activists Ding Jiaxi and Li Wei on charges of "gathering a crowd to disrupt public order" had resumed for a second day at the Haidian District People's Court in the west of the Chinese capital after the pair dismissed their legal team during initial trial proceedings in January.
hina Releases Two Citizen Journalists, One Still Held
Liu Xuehong, Xing Jian and Wang Jing, activists who are also citizen journalists, were all criminally detained by Beijing police last month on suspicion of "stirring up trouble" after they posted reports and photos on a self-immolation and other protests on Tiananmen Square.
China’s Latest Anti-Graft Trial 'Clearly Biased,’ Lawyer Says
Ding Jiaxi, 46, a well-known Beijing-based lawyer, is the latest high-profile campaigner from the New Citizens' Movement, a loose coalition of transparency activists, to be tried for "gathering a crowd to disrupt public order" after they called in public on China's leaders to declare their assets and those of their families.
Chinese Police Clamp Down on Graveside Memorials for Tiananmen Victims
Political activists are typically also prevented from holding any kind of public memorial to mark the crackdown, in which the People's Liberation Army (PLA) used machine guns and tanks against unarmed protesters and hunger-striking students.
Three Held After Clashes Over Zhejiang Landfill Site
"They want to expand [the landfill site] and to fill in the reservoir completely," local resident Zheng Zhonggen told RFA. "We didn't agree with this, but the government took a hard line and clashes broke out."
Interview: Brutal Repression of Taiwan's Occupy Movement 'Impossible'
Firstly, they're not fighting against the same thing. The Beijing student movement was fighting a totalitarian dictatorship, the one-party dictatorship of the ruling Chinese Communist Party; while the student movement in Taiwan is opposing a government that was elected in line with the constitution and that is internationally recognized as a relatively mature and democratically elected government. 
Dozens Held After Inner Mongolian Herders Beaten by Police
At least 39  herders were arrested and detained, and dozens were hospitalized after being severely beaten up by police in the protest, the New York-based Southern Mongolia Human Rights and Information Center (SMHRIC) said in an e-mailed statement.
Calls Grow for Release of Detained Chinese Lawyers
Rights lawyer Zhang Junjie was released last Thursday after being detained alongside fellow attorneys Jiang Tianyong, Tang Jitian and Wang Cheng on March 21. Zhang later said he had been severely beaten by a state security police officer named Yu Wenbo during detention.
Thousands Protest PX Plant Outside China's Maoming City Government
Protesters gathered outside the offices of the Maoming municipal government as the authorities held a news conference saying they had detained 18 people during the clashes.
Wukan Votes in New Election Amid Fears of Government 'Pressure'
More than 90 percent of more than 9,000 eligible voters braved heavy rain to cast their votes, according to official media reports, amid a heavy official presence at the polling station.