China Orders Courts to Record, Video All Trial Proceedings
The Supreme People's Court issued new rules that come into effect on March 1 in a bid to "improve transparency in court proceedings," the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.
Observers: Hong Kong Police Protesters Took Wrong Side of Justice
While the police have every right to exercise their freedom of speech and assembly, many supporters’ acts and harsh comments toward the judge may have constituted contempt of court and posed a challenge to the city’s rule of law, analysts say.
Ex-Hong Kong Leader Sentenced on Corruption Charges
Analysts say the Wednesday verdict has reaffirmed the former British colony’s judiciary independence and rule of law while serving as an example for China’s anti-corruption campaign.
Chinese Feminists Protest Gag Order on Social Media Account
The Gender in China website had two of its accounts on the Twitter-like Sina Weibo deleted, prompting a flurry of criticism from prominent women's rights activists.The site's social media editor, Xiong Jing, told RFA she believes the site's recent criticism of U.S. President Donald Trump's attitude to women may be behind the move.
Plans to Build Four New Nuclear Power Plants in China's Henan Spark Outcry
In a directive dated Jan. 25, the provincial government was ordered to move ahead with the implementation of power generation plans that include new nuclear reactors at Nanyang, Xinyang, Luoyang and Pingdingshan, according to a statement on its official website.
The Rare Writer Who Hates the Word ‘I’
Such diffidence is difficult to detect in her fiction, where the first person has been deployed to devastating effect, albeit infrequently. But then the narrative “I” of a short story is perhaps best seen as a means of self-effacement, and it’s notable that Li’s remarkable fiction — two elegant novels and two story collections — is all assiduously unautobiographical, from the forgotten granny living in China to the gay immigrant seeking asylum in the United States.
Chinese Billionaire’s Disappearance Continues to Raise Questions
It is still very difficult to say with any certainty why Xiao Jianhua was suddenly seized from the Four Seasons Hotel late last month and taken to China. But his case highlights both the necessity of having political connections when doing business in China and the risks that go hand in hand with such ties.
Rights Group Puts 'Censored Books' On Sale At Hong Kong Bookstore
A pop-up bookstore run by the local branch of London-based rights group Amnesty International is offering for sale some 1,000 books with "censored" passages blocked out in black, in a bid to publicize dwindling freedom of expression in the former British colony.
Seven Hong Kong Policemen Jailed For Beating of Democracy Activist Ken Tsang
Chief Inspector Wong Cho-shing, Senior Inspector Lau Cheuk-ngai, Detective Sergeant Pak Wing-bun, police constable Lau Hing-pui, and detective constables Wong Wai-ho and Kwan Ka-ho were convicted by the city's District Court on Tuesday of kicking, punching, and stepping on Tsang after he was arrested and handcuffed during clashes in October 2014.
Defecting Communist Party-Backed Newspaper Editor Investigated For 'Leaking Secrets'
Long, 47, handed in his resignation as assistant editor-in-chief of the Commercial Daily, one of a trio of Beijing-backed newspapers in the Chinese-controlled territory, after being placed under "political measures" for more than a year.
China knife attack: Eight dead in Xinjiang region

Three assailants killed five people and injured 10 others before they were shot dead by police on Tuesday in Pishan county, local officials said.No motive was given, but the government often blames Muslim separatists for such attacks.


Thousands Protest Aluminum Plant in Chinese Oil City of Daqing
The protesters marched through the streets of the oil city of Daqing, in what local residents was a third day of demonstrations against feared environmental pollution from a 46 billion yuan (U.S. $6.7
billion) plant proposed by aluminum producer Zhongwang Holdings.
Seven Police Officers 'Guilty' of Assault on Pro-Democracy Politician
Chief Inspector Wong Cho-shing, Senior Inspector Lau Cheuk-ngai, Detective Sergeant Pak Wing-bun, police constable Lau Hing-pui, and detective constables Wong Wai-ho, Chan Siu-tan and Kwan Ka-ho were convicted by the city's District Court of kicking, punching, and stepping on Tsang after he was arrested and handcuffed during clashes in October 2014.
A Video, a Wheelchair, a Suitcase: Mystery of Vanished Tycoon Deepens
But Xiao Jianhua, one of China’s wealthiest and most politically connected financiers, whose disappearance last month sent a chill through Hong Kong and the political class in Beijing, does not appear to be fine.
Rare Phone Call From House Arrest Sparks Fears For Liu Xia's Well-Being
Liu managed to dial out from her home, where she is confined for most of the time and cut off from contact with the outside world, on Wednesday night, Beijing-based Tibetan author Tsering Woeser said via social media.“I am so shocked; I just got a call from Liu Xia, the first in many years," Woeser said via Twitter late on Wednesday.
Protestant Church Member Prosecuted For Involvement in 'Evil Cult'
Tu Yan, a Protestant Christian church member from the central province of Hunan, was initially detained three months ago and denies the charges, saying she is simply a Christian believer."This department has found that the evidence supporting the suspicion that Tu Yan used an evil cult to undermine the law is clear, accurate and compelling," the Dali municipal police department said in a notification to Tu's lawyer, Ren Quanniu.
Interview: 'My Plans to Move Freely Have Come to Nothing'
Two of Lam's colleagues at the now-shuttered Causeway Bay Books store, Lee Bo and Gui Minhai, are foreign passport-holders who went missing outside China's borders: Lee Bo from his workplace in Hong Kong and Gui Minhai from his holiday home in Pattaya, Thailand. Colleagues Lui Por and Cheung Chi-ping, like Lam, were detained as soon as they crossed the border into China.
Hong Kong's Pan-Democrats Launch Challenge to Beijing's Control of Poll
The new "civil referendum" website gives the city's seven million residents—most of whom won't have a say in who their next leader is—the chance to nominate their preferred candidates alongside the official nominations process.
Rubio, the Chairman of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, called on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to prioritize the release of these two dissidents in his diplomatic engagement with China. Rubio also stated that he would bring up these human rights cases, among others, with Governor Terry Branstad (R-IA) during his Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing to serve as U.S. ambassador to China.
Beijing's 'Invisible Hand' at Work Ahead of Hong Kong Election
Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the standing committee of China's rubber-stamp parliament, the National People's Congress (NPC) told businesspeople and politicians in neighboring Shenzhen last weekend that former second-in-command Carrie Lam is "Beijing's choice" for the next chief executive.
Journalist Rui Chenggang Jailed For Six Years: Deleted Report
Rui, a massively influential state journalist who had more than 10 million social media followers, was handed a six-year jail term by a court in Jiaohe city in the northeastern province of Jilin after being found guilty of bribery, the Zhimian news service said via its social media account.
China to Prosecute Ethnic Mongolian Over Tweet About Land Dispute
Hai Wenming, 32, was detained on Dec. 12 in the regional capital Hohhot after he posted details online of a land dispute at his home village in Horchin Left Back Banner (county), 75 kilometres (47 miles) to the north of Tongliao city.
China to Vet All Online Content, Service and Equipment Providers
But online freedom of speech activists said the aim of the review is likely to further strengthen the ruling Chinese Communist Party's control over what citizens can see online ahead of a top-level meeting later in the year.
Beijing Police Seal Off Tiananmen Square After Jeep Overturns
Footage of the scene shot by eyewitnesses and seen by RFA showed white smoke or steam billowing from a vehicle on the tarmac, just meters from where the portrait of late supreme leader Mao Zedong hangs over the Tiananmen Gate.
Billionaire Is Reported Seized From Hong Kong Hotel and Taken Into China
The billionaire, Xiao Jianhua, who has been missing since Friday, is in police custody in China, where he apparently is safe, said the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of arrest. Mr. Xiao is a Canadian citizen with an Antiguan diplomatic passport, though he was born in China.
China's Two-Child Policy Shift May Be Too Little, Too Late
In 2016, the number of births in China increased following its landmark decision to end the country's controversial one-child policy and allow all parents to have two children. Officials were quick to claim success, arguing that the increase of around 1.4 million new births (compared with an average from 2010-2015) was a sign the new policy was working.
Netizen in China's Sichuan Jailed Over Tweet About 'Worst Smog in 2,000 Years'
The netizen, identified only by the online nickname Xinhai, had sent out a post on social media claiming that the city had issued a "red smog alert" on Jan. 5, police in Chengdu said, according to local media reports.
Online Criticism of China's New Year State TV Gala Disappears
Criticism is so much the norm now that Yang Dongsheng, who directed this year's Spring Festival Gala, pleaded with viewers not to slate it too harshly before it even aired."It is very natural that people should want to take it to pieces, but I hope they won't be too rude about it this year," he said in an interview last week.
Chinese Police Detain Netizens For 'Insulting' Officers Online
Police in the southwestern region of Guangxi said they had detained a man surnamed Jiang on Monday who posted under the handle "Changchun Social Sister" on the comments section of a social media post about a police officer in the northeastern city of Harbin who died in the course of his duty.
Police Probe Billionaire's Sudden Departure From Hong Kong
Hong Kong police have said they are investigating reports that Xiao, who was living at a luxury apartment in the Four Seasons hotel, was "kidnapped" across the border by the mainland Chinese authorities.But Xiao's relatives have since asked for the missing persons case to be closed, local media reported.