Students Deny Reports of 'Divisions' in Hong Kong Democracy Movement
Many of the students and die-hard protesters who have occupied major highways in the former British colony for nearly five consecutive weeks have vowed to remain until the government meets its demands for full universal suffrage in 2017 elections for the chief executive.
Zeng Jinyan:Friends Gone to Jail – Chinese Activists Kou Yanding and Guo Yushan
Two days before the arrest, Kou Yanding, otherwise known as Button, was free in Hong Kong, helping me make a breakfast of eggs in noodle soup in my kitchen. To her friends in the NGO circle, Kou Yanding is a bestselling author on such incendiary subjects as trying on parliamentary procedures in Chinese villages and endurance walking.
Hong Kong protests bring crisis of confidence for traditional media
One badge always obscures the other. By day, she displays the first. By night, as she camps out in protest zones and faces down riot police, she displays the second. Few protesters read her newspaper, but most have probably seen her work.
JOSHUA WONG CHI-FUNG:Taking Back Hong Kong's Future
Since the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, less than a year after I was born, the people of this city have muddled through with a political system that leaves power in the hands of the wealthy and the well-connected. Many of us, especially people of my generation, had hoped democratic change was finally coming after years of promises from Beijing that we would eventually have free elections. Instead, in late August, Beijing ruled that Hong Kong’s oligarchy will remain in charge. Universal suffrage became a shattered dream.
China's web regulator denies shutting foreign websites
Lu Wei, who heads the State Internet Information Office, also said his department was planning to strengthen measures to "govern the internet". Twitter, Facebook and the New York Times are not accessible in China.
Hong Kong Lawmaker Expelled From Beijing Body After Resignation Call
The outspoken Tien, who last week added his voice to growing calls for the resignation of embattled chief executive C.Y. Leung, said stepping down as Liberal Party leader would enable him to "better serve" the people of Hong Kong.
Thousands mark one month of Hong Kong protests
Clutching umbrellas, adopted as a protest symbol, they observed 87 seconds of silence - a reference to the 87 times police fired tear gas on protesters.The rally will see key protest leaders address the crowd later. Activists are calling for full democracy in Hong Kong.
China Seizes Jailed Uyghur Scholar's Savings, Sparking Fears Over Family Home
Tohti's wife Guzelnur told RFA on Tuesday that a total of 850,000 yuan (U.S. $140,000) in savings had now been taken out of her husband's bank account. "They took it all, two days ago," Guzelnur said. "They won't give me anything now, and I didn't even get a letter."
Under Cloud of Repression, Hundreds Turn Out to Mourn Tiananmen Square ‘Black Hand’
Police prevented China Real Time from attending the funeral of Chen Ziming, 62 years old, who died of pancreatic cancer last week. At least one other would-be attendee, a democracy activist, reported being stopped by authorities on his way to the funeral, which was held in Beijing’s northern Changping district on Saturday morning.
Nine out of ten Hong Kong activists say will fight on for a year
The so-called "umbrella" movement, named after umbrellas used as flimsy shields against police pepper spray, has become one of the biggest political challenges to face China's Communist Party leadership since it crushed pro-democracy protests in and around Tiananmen Square in 1989.
Hong Kong Marks One-month Anniversary of Student Protests
Protesters want Beijing to repeal its decision to screen candidates for the territory's 2017 election for chief executive. Authorities have refused, instead declaring the gatherings to be illegal and cracking down on the protesters several times.
Shen Yongping’s Indictment
 Shen Yongping replied, ‘If you regard it as committing a crime to make a public interest documentary, then I would rather go after my dream and fulfill my own promise even if it means being locked in jail.’ On the same day the filming was done, Shen Yongping was detained by police in Beijing. He is the first individual in China who has lost his freedom for recording China’s history of pursuing constitutionalism.
Chinese filmmaker to stand trial for constitution documentary
The film is about "the Chinese people's pursuit of constitutionalism from the time of the Qing dynasty till the present day, and their failed experiences," Zhang said, adding that he will argue the eight-episode documentary is not illegal.
China Changes Editor, Publisher of Cutting-Edge Political Magazine
"The powers that be wanted a change in editorship," Yang said, referring to China’s Ministry of Culture. "The venerable Du is very elderly; he's 91 now." "So we spoke to those in charge and decided on Hu Deping."
Stricter and subtler: how China has ramped up instant messaging censorship
Unless you mention both the CPC and dictatorship in one chat message, you won’t notice LINE’s new censorship policy. That’s because LINE recently “improved” its censorship methods in China by adding almost fifty so-called regular expressions to its long list of taboo subjects; that is, groups of words that users are allowed to use independently, but not in combination.
Former Boxun reporter among those arrested in Beijing for supporting Occupy Central
So far at least 57 people have been arrested in Beijing for supporting demonstrators in Hong Kong. Even Xu Chongyang’s landlord, Zhang Junhua, has been arrested and charged with creating a disturbance.
Hong Kong Activists Cancel Poll; Call for Legislator Resignations
The Federation of Students, Scholarism and Occupy Central issued a joint statement with pan-democracy legislators and civic groups Sunday, explaining why the vote was canceled. It was not immediately clear if a vote will be rescheduled.
Beijing Formally Charges Writer Who Published Memoirs of Victims of Mao Era
“I had expected bad news,” Mr. Tie’s wife, Ren Hengfang, said in a telephone interview from Beijing. “But this still seems a bit abnormal.” Ms. Ren said the police visited her on Thursday to tell her that Mr. Tie had been formally arrested on two crimes: illegal business activities and “creating a disturbance.”
Hong Kong Leader Reaffirms Tough Stance on Elections and Economic Discontent
“You have to take care of all the sectors in Hong Kong as much as you can,” he said, “and if it’s entirely a numbers game and numeric representation, then obviously you would be talking to half of the people in Hong Kong who earn less than $1,800 a month.”
Chen Ziming - Veteran Dissident 'Who Worried About China And Its People'
Originally a chemist with a stellar academic record, he later gave up this line of work and devoted himself to worrying about his country and its people full time. Because of this, he was frequently put in jail, as a "counterrevolutionary black hand." This was largely based on a single factor: his refusal to give up worrying for his country and its people.
Hong Kong protesters to vote on government proposals
The protest leaders had previously rejected the government's offer to set up a platform for debating reform and to report to Beijing on the protests. They said a strong show of support for this stance would help them in their negotiations with the government.
Mongolian Herders Forced Off Grazing Lands Under 'Ecological' Policy
"After we returned to our grazing lands in June to graze our sheep and cattle, the [Arkund] township government dispatched large numbers of riot police and grasslands management officials," the herders said in an open letter issued at the same time.
Zhejiang Activist Chen Shuqing Formally Arrested
On September 11 this year, Chen was taken from his home by Domestic Security officers from the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau. Later that day, officers from the same bureau conducted a search in the couple’s home, and took away a desktop computer, a mobile phone, documents, and some badges.
U.N. rights watchdog calls for open elections in Hong Kong
The panel of 18 independent experts, who monitor compliance with an international treaty on civil and political rights ratified by Hong Kong, agreed the move after voicing concern at Beijing's plan to vet candidates in the former British colony.
Hong Kong protests: Activists march to CY Leung's house
Pro-democracy protesters have been on Hong Kong's streets for three weeks, paralysing some key roads. Activists and government officials held talks for the first time on Tuesday.
Tiananmen Protest ‘Black Hand’ Chen Ziming Dies in Beijing
Mr. Chen and fellow activist Wang Juntao were accused by the government of being the masterminds behind the 1989 protests. In 1991, both were sentenced to 13 years in prison, in a trial authorities used to bolster the official line that the protests had been the work of a handful of conspirators rather than a movement with mass appeal.
Hong Kong Students Call For Direct Talks With Beijing Officials on Democracy
Alex Chow, leader of the influential Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS), told RFA that student leaders of the Occupy Central campaign, which has blocked major highways in the semi-autonomous city since Sept. 28, want to know exactly how far Beijing would let Hong Kong go.
Saxophonist Kenny G visits Hong Kong protests
When asked about the visit at a daily news briefing in Beijing, China's foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said that "Kenny G's musical works are widely popular in China, but China's position on the illegal Occupy Central activities in Hong Kong is very clear".
Women Bear The Brunt of Abuse in China's 'Black Jails': Report
Published as Beijing's women's rights record comes up for review by the United Nations, the report documents around 1,000 cases of secret detention and abuse of women in the country's black jails, which are often used to silence those pursuing complaints against the ruling Chinese Communist Party.
Hong Kong Student Leaders Disappointed by Reform Talks
"I cannot believe that the government still insists on us to accept the deal first, still ask us to follow the National People's Congress Standing Committee's electoral framework," Shum said. "The government does not show any courage and sincerity to solve the political problem."