Husband and wife have been jailed for 80 days without being allowed to see a lawyer
Jiaozuo City, Henan Province husband and wife petitioners Xu Youchen and Zhang Xiaoyu are suspected in a capital criminal case involving the intentional assassination of a police officer. The detention center has not let their attorney see them for 80 days.
Hong Kong protests: Mong Kok camp retaken from police
There were tense scenes in Mong Kok early on Saturday as protesters pushed against police lines, and officers used batons against the activists. Violent clashes had erupted on Friday as about 9,000 protesters re-occupied the area, with 26 people arrested.
Protesters Retake Hong Kong Street After Police Warnings
Thousands gathered, wielding the now-familiar umbrellas as a defense against pepper spray, on Argyle Street in the busy Kowloon shopping district of Mong Kok, a live video feed streamed online by the pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper showed.
China Holds Dozens of Activists Who Supported Hong Kong Protests
According to the overseas-based Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) group, which collates reports from rights groups inside China, 23 people are being held under criminal detention, three have received administrative sentences, while 35 have been held under some other form of police custody.
China blocks BBC website as Hong Kong tensions rise
The broadcaster said that the move seemed to be “deliberate censorship”. It did not say what may have prompted the move by Beijing, which also blocks the websites of the New York Times, newswire Bloomberg and the BBC’s Chinese-language website.
Hong Kong government 'ready for talks' with protesters
CY Leung was speaking after scuffles between protesters and police continued for a second night on a major road near government buildings. He said officials had been negotiating with students via mediators this week.
Chinese Authorities Pledge Rare Subsidies Following Mongolian Herder Protest
Around 400 Mongolian herders protested in Huvuut-shar Banner (in Chinese, Xianghuang Qi) on Oct. 8, carrying placards railing against competition from Chinese government and corporate monopolies, according to the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC).
UN Rights Chief Talking to China About Tibet Visit
High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein noted that China agreed to such a visit last year during a periodic U.N. review of its rights record.
How I Dealt With China's Book Censors-ChinaFile One Western author shares his struggle to keep a text true to history.
Had I received the emails with the requested revisions, he asked. He needed a response within 48 hours. I explained that I was traveling, would be attending a conference for the next two days, and could not possibly reply that quickly. 
Unpaid Social Security Fuels Spike in Chinese Labor Disputes: Report
The Hong Kong-based China Labor Bulletin (CLB) recorded a total of 372 industrial disputes in the third quarter of this year, with 185 incidents in September alone, it said in a report on its website on Tuesday.
Hong Kong Outraged as Camera Captures Police Beating Protester
Video footage by local television station TVB showed six plainclothes officers dragging a social worker into the darkened entrance of a building, where they repeatedly kicked and punched him for four minutes.
BBC's website is being blocked across China
Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the BBC's English-language site has been generally available. However, other BBC services including its Chinese-language news website has been blocked largely since it was launched.
On Dealing with Chinese Censors
A couple of years ago, I had published Ancestral Leaves: A Family Journey Through Chinese History. It had received generous reviews in academic journals, but attracted little attention beyond college campuses. 
Anti-Occupy protesters defy court order, block Apple Daily delivery
The protesters said they wanted to voice their anger against what they regard as the newspaper’s favourable coverage of the Occupy movement.
Hong Kong Activists Cede Ground; Leaders Insist Protest Goes On
Traffic flowed freely along Queensway Road after the protesters' obstructions were cleared, but other major protest sites remained intact in the Admiralty and Mong Kok districts and pro-democracy demonstrators were defiant.
Hong Kong protests: Police remove more barricades
Demonstrators have occupied parts of Hong Kong for more than two weeks. The activists, a mix of students and a pro-democracy group called Occupy Central, are demanding a fully democratic election in 2017.
China Steps Up Crackdown on Supporters of Hong Kong Protests
China's media regulatory body has now issued an internal notice requiring that books by Chinese-American author Yu Ying-shih and Taiwan writer Giddens Ko, known by his pen-name "Nine Knives," be taken off the shelves of all booksellers, according to social media posts and an official media commentary on Monday.
Hong Kong Students Tell Xi Jinping They're Willing to 'Risk Lives' for Democracy
As the protests entered its third week, the Hong Kong Federation of Students and activist group Scholarism said in an open letter to Xi that they had "high hope" for him "to take this matter closely," blaming Hong Kong's embattled leader C.Y. Leung for not being "honest" to Beijing about the people's aspirations for democracy.
Hong Kong Protests Rebound After Clashes
By late Monday, thousands of protesters had gathered at the main Occupy site in Admiralty, listening to speeches and music and setting up rows of brightly colored tents on Harcourt Road for the night.
China detains scholar, bans books in crackdown on moderate voices
Guo Yushan, a founder of the Transition Institute, a think-tank that researches business regulations, reform and civil society, was detained on Thursday, his wife, Pan Haixia, said.
China says arrested assistant for German paper working illegally
Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the Chinese-controlled city of Hong Kong in recent weeks, demanding that Beijing stand by its promise of introducing universal suffrage at elections for its leader in 2017. China has labeled the protests illegal.
Hong Kong's leader says protests will not sway China
China has agreed to direct elections in 2017, but wants control over which candidates can stand. The number of protesters has varied over the past three weeks, but hundreds remain camped out on Gloucester and Harcourt roads, blocking a key thoroughfare in Hong Kong Island's Central and Admiralty districts.
China Detains Legal Activist Guo Yushan
A dozen or so police and state security officers took Guo Yushan from his home in a Beijing suburb early Thursday morning, his wife Pan Haixia said Sunday. “They came in with a warrant and took a lot of things as evidence, his computer, his iPhone, iPad and some hard drives,” Ms. Pan said.
Guo Yushan:Civil Disobedience in Sodom – A Letter to Xu Zhiyong
Before you got there, you had thought it was a place filled with idealists, but once there, you couldn’t find any. You were disappointed. One day it occurred to me, “Hey, why look elsewhere?” You yourself were the idealist. Ten years have gone by, you are persuading people to be new citizens in this Sodom, and your ideals have stirred people far and wide.
Ilham Tohti appeal material delivered to Xinjiang Higher People’s Court
On Thursday October 9, 2014, Urumqi Intermediate People’s Court forwarded the appeal to the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region Higher People’s Court.
Attorney meets Gao Yu: Forced confession! No admission of guilt!
Gao Yu told the attorney that she does not admit guilt. Previous so-called admissions of guilt were made under duress, made to protect her son and were done against her will.
Hong Kong Students Press Xi on Reforms
The letter, which appeared Saturday in the South China Morning Post, said Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying was to be blamed for the anti-government demostrations that have sprung up in the streets of Hong Kong, a semi-autonomous Chinese territory, over the past two weeks.
Chinese Writer, Tackling Tiananmen, Wields ‘Power to Offend’
It was 1989, and the story that the world knows as the Communist Party’s military crackdown in Tiananmen Square was told in reverse on the grainy screen. The official version portrayed the students as violent criminals. The peasants, and the young Ms. Sheng, sitting around the television knew no better.
Hong Kong protest: Thousands on streets for fresh rally
It comes after the territory's deputy leader called off talks with student leaders scheduled for Friday. Carrie Lam said the students' refusal to end their protest had made "constructive dialogue" impossible.
US Congress Moves to Revive Hong Kong Reporting Requirements
The senators from both sides of the aisle urged Obama, who is expected to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping at a Asia-Pacific summit next month, to “take demonstrable, meaningful steps to help ensure that Beijing maintains its commitments to the people of Hong Kong.”