Chinese Workers Dismantle Tibetan Study Site, Evict People
London-based Free Tibet said government workers began removing residential buildings and evicting people who live at the academy in western Sichuan province on Thursday morning. Several exile Tibetan groups have said local authorities distributed an order in June to reduce the number of monks and nuns living there by half to 5,000, citing overcrowding concerns.
Jailed Chinese Activist 'Considers' Ending Hunger Strike, Requests Transfer

Guo, who has been subjected to forced feeding after beginning his hunger strike in protest at the treatment of political prisoners, is chronically sleep-deprived by abusive cell-mates and routinely subjected to torture by prison guards, his sister Yang Maoping said.

Protest Blogger, Girlfriend Formally Arrested in China's Yunnan
Lu Yuyu, who ran a blog under the social media handle @wickedonnaa, and his girlfriend Li Tingyu, are now under formal arrest in Yunnan's Dali city, on suspicion of "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble," the Weiquanwang rights website reported.
Former Leader of China's Rebel Village Formally Arrested as Protests Continue
Lin Zuluan, who was detained amid renewed protests last month, has been formally arrested on suspicion of "accepting bribes," according to an online statement by the Shanwei municipal government, which oversees Wukan but was sidelined by provincial authorities in the resolution of 2011 clashes in the village.
China's Communists Fear New Capitalists May Fund Wrong Causes
That will likely affect the functioning and independence of private foundations owned by major business groups and wealthy individuals. Many of their foundations were created, in the first place, because the wealthy want to control the use of funds instead of relying on more opaque state-backed charities.
China Moves to Quash Anti-KFC, Foreign Goods Protests After Maritime Ruling
Last week, the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea in The Hague ruled in an arbitration case initiated by the Philippines to limit the size of territorial waters claimed by China in the disputed maritime region.
Hangzhou Bans Unofficial Christian Worship Ahead of G20 Summit
The church, which currently occupies premises on the ninth floor of the Xingye Mansions building in Hangzhou's Jianghan district, received a notification from the religious affairs bureau of the local government warning it to "reform its illegal gathering activities."
Democracy Activists Found Guilty of 'Unlawful Assembly' in Hong Kong Court
All three had pleaded not guilty to the charges, which carry a maximum sentence of three years' imprisonment. However, presiding judge June Cheung acquitted Wong of a charge of inciting others to take part in the illegal assembly. Law was found guilty of the same charge.
Police in China's Sichuan Hold Petitioners, Activist Ahead of G20 Finance Talks
Chengdu-based rights activist Huang Qi, who founded the Tianwang rights website, spoke to RFA en route to the remote mountainous region of Xichang in southwestern Sichuan.
Wife, Child of Tiananmen Activist Arrive in U.S. After Fleeing China
Liu Xiaodong, wife of Zhao Changqing, and the couple's four-year-old son arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday after applying for political refugee status at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Bangkok.
China's media criticises anti-US protests at KFC outlets as jingoistic
In recent days, small groups of protesters have gathered outside KFC outlets, starting in Hebei and spreading to other places including Changsha and Hangzhou, media reports said.They have shouted anti-US slogans and held up banners with the words "Get out of China, KFC and McDonalds".
Herders in China's Inner Mongolia Block Reservoir Construction
Nearly 100 residents of Lubei township near the planned Maodu Reservoir in Inner Mongolia's Zaruud Middle Banner staged a sit-in, preventing trucks from reaching the construction site on Tuesday, herders told RFA.
Interview: Offices of Cutting-Edge Journal 'Occupied' by New Management Team
The magazine will fold but the editorial department will remain. We are still a registered private media organization with legal person status and state registration, constituted by entirely legal means. We can still carry out our social [forum] activities and we will still be able to publish certain things. We are allowed to bring out publications and to hold symposiums and seminars, and we will be able to publish articles online, and to make our voice heard.
Taiwan web users join 'Apologise to China' contest
It's apparently a reaction to videos released by celebrities recently, apologising for actions and comments deemed to be insulting to China. One of these apologies features Taiwanese pop singer Chou Tzu-yu, whose apology for waving a Taiwanese flag during an online broadcast - an act deemed offensive on the Chinese mainland - has been viewed on YouTube over seven million times. Hong Kong actor Wong He made a similar apology in January after suggesting former Chinese leader Zhou Enlai "may be gay" and for posting a picture of the Dalai Lama on his Facebook page.
Hong Kong Election Candidates Refuse to Sign Loyalty Declaration
The office handling nominations for candidacy in the Legislative Council (LegCo) poll says it 33 received applications on Saturday, the first day of a two-week nomination period, the Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ) reported.
Liberal Chinese Journal, Claiming Interference by Overseers, Files Lawsuit
On Tuesday, the Chinese National Academy of Arts, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and oversees the monthly journal, Yanhuang Chunqiu, announced on the publication’s website that it was removing Du Daozheng, its founding publisher, because Mr. Du, 93, is “in his advanced years.” He will be replaced by Jia Leilei, a deputy director of the academy.
Hong Kong Election Hopefuls Told to Sign Anti-Separatist Pledge
Candidates are also required to declare their support for the city's mini-constitution, the Basic Law, and their allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the city's Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) announced last week.
After Four Detainees of the ‘709 Incident’ Are Indicted, Chinese State Media Name Foreign News Organizations, a US Congressman, & Three Embassies in Beijing as ‘Foreign Anti-China Forces’
On July 15, 2016, the Second Branch Procuratorate of the Tianjin People’s Procuratorate, upon review, has decided according to law to indict Zhou Shifeng, Hu Shigen, Zhai Yanmin, Gou Hongguo respectively in the Tianjin Second People’s Intermediate Court for the alleged crime of subversion of state power.
Gao Zhisheng on China’s Persecution of Rights Lawyers
Li Heping is considered a moderate in the Chinese legal community, and he has a wide circle of friends. He is a good friend of mine whom I have known for a long time, and one of the Chinese lawyers I’ve had the most interactions with. Given that our frequent interactions occurred when the authorities were terrorizing and devastating myself and my family, his association with me made him more of a threat in the eyes of the authorities.
China Set to Prosecute Top Rights Lawyer, Three Activists for Subversion
Zhou Shifeng, the detained head of the Beijing Fengrui law firm at the center of the sweeping crackdown on human rights defenders that began on July 9, 2015, and activists Hu Shigen, Cui Yanmin and Gou Hongguo will be prosecuted on subversion charges, according to the official blog of the Tianjin People's Procuratorate, Second Branch.
Is Hong Kong’s ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Autonomy in the Balance?
The "one country, two systems' principle, adopted when Britain returned Hong Kong to Chinese rule in 1997, was intended to safeguard Hong Kong’s autonomy for 50 years, until 2047. But many of the city’s residents already are asking what might happen when Hong Kong’s future is completely in China's hands.
Mystery Surrounding Detained China Legal Aide Deepens, Lawyer Silenced
Zhao’s lawyer, Ren Quanniu, meanwhile, remained under interrogation and was denied access to his attorneys, his lawyers said.Zhao, 24, was working as an assistant to a top Beijing rights lawyer when she was swept up in a crackdown on hundreds of human rights lawyers and defenders that began on July 9, 2015.
China Hardens Position Against Hong Kong Booksellers
The detentions have fueled global concern about perceived threats to the autonomous Chinese territory’s freedoms.Last week, Chinese authorities threatened stronger legal action against one of the booksellers whom they recently released, Lam Wing-kee, and challenged his account of being mistreated while in custody.
Philippines Wins South China Sea Case Against China in Court of Arbitration
The tribunal in the Hague, the Netherlands, also ruled that China has no right to resources within its so-called nine-dash demarcation line used to claim 90 percent of the South China Sea, and that it is not entitled to an exclusive economic zone surrounding reefs and atolls in the Spratly Islands because these features did not qualify as islands generating such zones.
Tiananmen Protest Museum in Hong Kong Shuts Its Doors, for Now
More than 24,000 people had visited the 800-square-foot June 4th Museum in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong in the two years since it opened, the operators said in a statement announcing the closing. The museum included a replica of the Goddess of Democracy statue that student protesters erected in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, and images and other documentation of the tumultuous events of 1989.
In China, Relatives Await Word on Detained Rights Lawyers After a Year
Yet he had no idea when Ms. Zhao, 24, also a legal assistant, would return home. Nor did Ms. Zhao’s two lawyers. None of the three men had heard from the police in the eastern city of Tianjin who had charged her with state subversion. None were allowed to see her during the year she was in jail, and they did not know why she was released.
Inside China’s Secret 23-Day Detention of a Foreign Nonprofit Chief
They showed him a document about the organization he had started in China to promote access to legal services, complete with names of employees, associates and grant recipients. But it was not written by the officers. It appeared to have been prepared by the National Endowment for Democracy, a nonprofit group based in Washington that is largely funded by the United States Congress.
Hillary Clinton, as Seen Through a Chinese Prism
As China looks ahead to a new American administration, opinions on the front-running Mrs. Clinton veer from admiration, mostly among women and civil libertarians, to distaste, mostly among male policy makers and an often nationalistic public.
Chinese Rights Lawyers Demand Immediate Release of Colleague
Ren, accused of having circulated rumors online about the alleged rape of his client Zhao Wei while in jail, is currently under criminal detention by police in Zhengzhou, Henan province, pending further investigation, the city’s Public Security Bureau said on a Weibo posting.
Lawyer for Legal Assistant Zhao Wei is Detained Over Sexual Assault Rumors
However, Zhao, who was held for nearly a year in the police-run Tianjin No. 1 Detention Center on suspicion of "incitement to subvert state power," has not returned to her husband or her family since her reported release and her whereabouts are unknown.