Police Raids on Chinese Lawyers: The View From the Inside
They show arguments between the lawyers and security personnel, often at the entrances of the lawyers’ homes in the dead of night, as well as broken masonry and ironwork after forceful entry by police officers who, the lawyers said, often did not have detention or search warrants.
British Official Intervenes, Gives Chinese Artist Full Visa
Ai, who is currently in Germany visiting his son, had applied for the visa to attend the installation and opening of his art exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts in September.
Protesters Upset Over Textbook Changes March on Taiwan’s Education Ministry
The protest movement has been shaken by the death Thursday of one of its leaders, Lin Kuan-hua, 20, in what the police said was suicide by charcoal fumes. Mr. Lin had been one of the protesters who entered the Ministry of Education offices on July 23 and was facing the possibility of criminal charges for the act, a student protest group said in a written statement Thursday.
Baosheng Guo: On the so-called "The Second China-US Protestant Church Leaders Forum"
It is well known that this kind of forums are tools for CCP to take advantage of the universality of Christianity in its attempt to engage in United-Front tactics, to forge an illusion of religious freedom in China in front of the international society, to cover up the real situation of House Church being persecuted. It is such a pity that a few Christians in the international society have been fooled and taken advantage of.
China Detains Christian Pastors For Resistance to Cross Demolitions
Government-backed demolition gangs have taken down crosses from the tops of churches in provincial capital Wenzhou, Taizhou, Huzhou and Jinhua cities in recent days, in a slew of demolitions billed in state media as a building safety campaign.
China’s Draft Domestic Violence Law ‘Largely Cosmetic’: Feminists
China’s cabinet, the State Council, signed off on the bill after a public consultation process during which non-government organizations (NGOs) and charities pointed out numerous problems with the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s approach.
Baosheng Guo:Denis Rodman of American Christian Society?
Kim watched the match together with his wife. Before the tip-off, Rodman sang Happy Birthday to Kim Jong-un and bowed to Kim in the center of the Pyongyang stadium that had a capacity of 14,000. Rodman said that he was honored to play in Pyongyang and called the match historically significant.
Fears Grow For Gao Yu Amid Huge Political Pressure
Gao, 71, was sentenced by the Beijing No. 3 Intermediate People's Court in April to seven years' imprisonment for "leaking state secrets overseas,” but she has repeatedly denied breaking Chinese law, saying that a televised "confession" on which the prosecution based its case was obtained under duress.
Chen Guangcheng Vows to Pursue Justice as Nephew is Released from Jail
Chen Kegui was detained on April 29, 2012 and later sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail for fighting off officials who had invaded his home and beat his parents in the wake of his uncle’s daring escape from house arrest earlier that month. He sustained a severe beating but his assertion that he injured his attackers in self defense were not considered in a closed trial.
UK denies Ai Weiwei full business visa based on disputed 'criminal' history
Having confiscated Ai’s passport in 2011, Chinese authorities finally returned the document last week, allowing him to leave the country for the first time in more than four years. On Thursday he boarded a plane from Beijing to Germany after obtaining a short-term Schengen visa that allows him to enter 26 European countries but not Britain.
Zhai Minglei: Getting Rid of Lawyers Is the Start of Fascism
These days, however, public security uses illegal methods like kidnapping, prying open doors, and residential surveillance to destroy rights defense lawyers who are legitimately carrying out their profession. They convict on state television before a trial has even taken place and slander rights defenders. This has transgressed a basic line of decency in ordinary society. It’s as if two people sat down to play chess and one of them knocked over the chessboard and then blamed his opponent for being a ruffian.
The Vilification of Lawyer Wang Yu and Violence By Other Means
On July 19, nine days after Wang Yu had been taken away by police, CCTV broadcast the tail end of an altercation in the Shenhe District Court, which made Wang Yu out to be the aggressor as she yelled out that the court was a “pack of scoundrels.” She can be seen pointing her finger, enraged, and at one point demands that the court transcriptionist record her words: “You are a pack of scoundrels!” She is then dragged away by bailiffs.
Biographies of Lawyers, Staffers and Activists Detained or Disappeared in the July 10 Nationwide Raid Against Rights Lawyers
During the early morning hours of July 9, the electricity and Internet were shut off at Wang Yu’s home, the front door was pried open, and she was taken away. Two days later, Xinhuanet published an item confirming that she had been placed under criminal detention. Her husband, Bao Longjun (包龙军), was also placed under criminal detention, while their 16-year-old son Bao Zhuoxuan has been placed under surveillance and barred from leaving China to study overseas.
Rights Advocates, and a Monk, Oppose Beijing’s Winter Olympics Bid
Groups such as Human Rights Watch have criticized the committee, which will decide the host city in a secret ballot on Friday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as not seriously considering the Internet censorship and government repression that has intensified since Beijing hosted the Summer Games in 2008. A petition released by prominent Chinese rights advocates on Friday said choosing China would contradict the Olympics’ stated goal of “promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.”
'Chanting Monks' Deployed in Standoff Over Cross Demolition in China’s Zhejiang
The monks came in and chanted prayers, burning incense at the door of the Jinjia’er church in Zhejiang’s Huzhou city, where believers had been staging a sit-in in the hope of blocking access by the demolition gang for several days, a church follower who asked not to be named told RFA.
Activist in Bid to Find Whereabouts of Detained Chinese Rights Lawyer Wang Yu
Yu Wensheng filed the freedom of information request online on Saturday, calling on Tianjin police to reveal her location, and what crimes she is suspected of committing.
China Mounts Crackdown Against Human Rights Lawyers
In what lawyers call the most withering political assault on their profession in decades, the Chinese government is mounting a broad crackdown on rights attorneys, contending that they have exploited contentious cases to enrich themselves and attack the party.
China’s Missing Rights Lawyers
The former university lecturer gained prominence as a lawyer by taking on landmark civil rights cases including the defense of the artist Ai Weiwei on charges of tax fraud, and of the environmental activist Tan Zuoren on suspicion of “inciting subversion of state power.” In 2012, Mr. Pu was also one of the lawyers who represented Tang Hui, a woman sent to a labor camp after publicly calling for the men who raped her 11-year-old daughter to be prosecuted.
China Uses ‘Picking Quarrels’ Charge to Cast a Wider Net Online
Artists, essayists, lawyers, bloggers and others deemed to be online troublemakers have been hauled into police stations and investigated or imprisoned for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” a charge that was once confined to physical activities like handing out fliers or organizing protests.
Baosheng Guo: Be Vigilant on Beijing's United-Front Actions on American Christian Societies
The CCP-controlled TSMP/CCC is a United-Front and espionage organization under the cover of Christianity to camouflage their true identity of Communist spies. Rev. Li Chuwen (李储文) who had been the senior pastor of Shanghai Community Fellowship since 1950, when he was beaten up by the Red Guards during Cultural Revolution, in order to prove that he was not a real Christian, he exposed his true identity of being a CCP member.
Mo Zhixu: Crime and Punishment of China’s Rights Lawyers
Recently, when lawyers Tang Jitian (唐吉田), Jiang Tianyong (江天勇), Wang Cheng (王成), and Zhang Junjie (张俊杰) went to the Jiansanjiang Agricultural Reclamation District in Heilongijiang to provide legal assistance to Falun Gong practitioners being held at a so-called legal education center, they and relatives of the detainees were all detained by local police. After repeated inquiries by numerous parties, it has now been confirmed that Tang and Jiang have been given 15-day administrative detentions for “using a cult to undermine social order.” At this time, it remains unclear what has become of Wang and Zhang. To rescue the four lawyers, a group of lawyers including Li Jinxing and Qing Shi [Zhang Lei] and around a dozen rights activists have quickly made their way to Jiansanjiang, where they have launched a 24-hour hunger strike outside the detention center and demanded to meet with the detained lawyers.
What Can You Do in the Face of Terror – A Chinese Entrepreneur Responds to Arrest of Rights Lawyers
My company reported news of my detention to my brother Erwu and my deputy Liu Ping, who were more than 400 km away in Handan (邯郸) on an inspection tour. When they finished up their inspection and hurried back, they were arrested at the highway exit. That doesn’t qualify as terror either.
Yaqiu Wang: Wu Gan the Butcher
Wu Gan, who works for Beijing Fengrui Law Firm (北京锋锐律师事务所), had messages for the chief justice of the court, Zhang Zhonghou (张忠厚). The poster on Wu Gan’s right was an image of tomb stone for Zhang and a couplet deploring his lack of a righteousness and basic humanity; on his left, the poster announced that the “Butcher” was raising money on behalf of the four victims so that they could bribe the justice for a retrial, a prevalent vice in China’s judicial system, and asked the chief justice to set a price. Wu Gan stood between the two posters with both his middle fingers up. It was Wu Gan’s signature protest.
Guo Baosheng: Forcible Cross Demolition and So-called Sinicization of Christianity
Unquestionably, this meeting was intended to set the tone for the Communist Party’s policy on Christianity and to determine the communist government’s overarching principles regarding Christianity. Simply put, the overarching principle is sinicizing Christianity. What does it mean? Does emphasizing the sinicization of Christianity suggest the government’s loosening or tightening its policy on Christianity? What’s the connection between the forcible cross demolition campaign in Zhejiang and sinicization of Christianity?
Another Tibetan Activist Dies in Chinese Detention
Sonam Wangchuk, says his father-in-law, environmental activist Lobsang Yeshi (Chinese name: Luosang Yixi), died July 17 in a hospital while being treated for a head injury from what he said was torture during detention in Dzogang County, from where Yeshi was transferred to Chushul Prison earlier this year.
China Tiananmen dissident Wuer Kaixi bids for Taiwan seat
He pledged to take a tougher approach to Taiwan's relations with mainland China, from which the island split in 1949, at the end of the civil war. Mr Wuer, 47, is standing as an independent candidate.
Former Teacher Tells Court of Torture as Guangzhou Three Subversion Trial Ends
Rights lawyer Tang Jingling, former teacher Wang Qingying, and writer-activist Yuan Xinting, known as the Guangzhou Three, initially stood trial on June 19 at the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court for "incitement to subvert state power" after being held in a police detention center for more than a year.
Chinese Activists Urge IOC to Reject Beijing's 2022 Winter Olympics Bid
A widening crackdown on lawyers and human rights defenders, deepening repression in Buddhist Tibet and Muslim Xinjiang and growing intolerance to press freedom make Beijing a poor candidate, said a letter to the IOC signed by scores of prominent Chinese activists.
China Tries Activist Who Supported Hong Kong's Democracy Movement
"The authorities gathered a lot of material for this case, to try to prove the material facts of the crimes Ye Xiaozheng is accused of," his lawyer Liu Hao said after the trial.
Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Gets Confiscated Passport Back
Asked if Ai could be barred from overseas travel amid a relentless government crackdown on dissenters and rights defenders, Gao said she saw no reason why the government would not let him travel.