Mo Zhixu:In Beijing, Who Is and Isn’t a ‘Low-end Person?’
The incident raised much online discussion. The drive to remove the so-called “low-end population” (低端人口) of Beijing harks back to the “shitizen” (屁民) phenomenon that arose a decade earlier in Shenzhen. For many, it is a blatant reminder that in China, a veil of prosperity and affluence conceals the poor state of human rights and even that of the Chinese human condition as a whole.
Hong Kong's Legislature 'Castrated' by Rule Changes Despite Rowdy Protests
Land Justice League lawmaker Eddie Chu was physically carried from the Legislative Council (LegCo) chamber by security guards. He and several other deputies including Ray Chan of People Power, tied themselves to chairs in protest at the rule changes.
Protests in Northern China As Migrants' Children Excluded From Schools
Migrant workers who brought their children to live with them in Yulin's Yuyang district have been informed by provincial education bureau officials that they must now provide extra paperwork, including proof of purchase of compulsory pension insurance, before they can enroll them in local schools.
Ten Years of Humanitarian China Supporting Political Prisoners and Families
“Where are all the Chinese?” Someone asked me once, referring to the puniness of a June 4th Massacre commemoration one year. I asked back: “Where are all the political leaders of the Western democracies?”
Beijing Mass Evictions Continue in Wake of Second Fatal Fire
The blaze came less than a month after a dormitory fire sparked by a fault in the electrical wiring killed 19 in the southern district of Daxing on Nov. 18, prompting the authorities to evict thousands of low-paid migrants into sub-zero temperatures with scant support or financial compensation, residents have told RFA.
Liu Xia 'Going Crazy' With Loneliness Amid Growing Calls For Her Release
"I can't leave here, and I'm so lonely I think I'm going crazy," says the note, addressed to Herta Mueller, winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature."Someone is banging on the door, and I curled up," the note reads. "My neck started to get stiff but I couldn't move."
China Has 41 Journalists Behind Bars Amid Ever-Widening Media Controls
In its annual report, the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) hit out at U.S. President Donald Trump for making no mention of Beijing's record on human rights during his recent trip to the country last month."Trump made no public reference to human rights, despite an ongoing crackdown that has led to the arrests of Chinese journalists, activists, and lawyers," the group said.
China Moves Ahead With Subversion Trial of Rights Website Founder Liu Feiyue
Liu Feiyue, who founded the Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch website, was detained on Nov. 17, 2016 under criminal investigation for "incitement to subvert state power," by police in Hubei's Suizhou city and placed under formal arrest on Dec. 23.The case was accepted by the Suizhou Intermediate People's Court on Tuesday, his defense attorney Wen Donghai told RFA.
Number of Jailed Journalists Hits Record High, Advocacy Group Says
Nearly three-quarters of the detained journalists were jailed after being accused of antigovernment activities, many of them under broad and vague counterterrorism laws. A record number, 21, were jailed on charges of “false news,” a term that has gained resonance as strongmen have embraced President Trump’s attacks on “fake news” to silence critics.
Artist Flees Beijing After Filming Devastation of Mass Evictions
After a deadly fire in November, Beijing officials introduced an aggressive campaign to tear down apartment buildings and evict migrants from poorer sections of the city. Some residents were given just hours to leave.Mr. Hua feared China’s strictly controlled news media would not cover the evictions accurately, so he decided to document and publish online his own videos of the crackdown.
China Marks Nanjing Massacre Anniversary, Detains Rights Activists
As military mourners presented eight wreaths to mark the eight decades since the atrocities at the hands of the Japanese army, state security police had also cast a security cordon around the city, detaining anyone seen as a potential troublemaker.
Tiananmen Mothers Attend Funeral For Elderly Father of Teen Massacre Victim
Wang Fandi, a retired university professor, was cremated at the Babaoshan crematorium in a funeral ceremony on Tuesday morning local time after succumbing to a prolonged illness, his wife Zhang Xianling told RFA.
Social Media Blogger Detained After Complaining About Pollution
Luo's account on the Twitter-like Sina Weibo was last updated at around 7 p.m. on Dec. 7. His last tweet read: "I call on the Hubei provincial authorities to pay attention to the fact that Deng Qijia, an official with the Liurenba township government in Daye city, has been reported by local people for corruption."
Chinese Artist 'On The Run' From Police After Reporting on Beijing Evictions
Hua, a resident of Beijing's Songzhuang Artists' Village, is believed to be hiding from the authorities after reporting on the authorities' bid to rid the city of its low-income, migrant population in the wake of a fatal fire in Daxing district last month.
Mass Forced Evictions of Migrants Spark Rare Street Protest in Beijing
Thousands of Beijing-based workers and small traders on low incomes, referred to in official documents as the "low-end population," have been forced from their homes in unlicensed, rented accommodation in the wake of a fire that left 19 people dead in the city's Daxing district last month.
Thousands of Migrant Workers in Beijing Forcibly Evicted, Resistance Mounted in at Least One Location
While the exact number is hard to estimate at this point, the eviction map suggests that the number is likely to be in tens of thousands.Men, women, old and young migrant workers left Beijing in haste, dragging as many of their belongings as they could out of their shabby residences in villages outside of the Fifth Ring Road on the border of the city and leaving behind what they couldn’t carry.
2017 Report on Political and Conscience Prisoners in China:CCP's planned murder against political prisoners and prisoners of conscience with torture and inhumane imprisonment
This report has the objective to raise the international awareness and appeal for immediate attention and assistance to the Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience by describing each prisoner's real living situations and potential rising dangers in the future as accurate as possible.
International Human Rights Day Statement-Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Christopher Smith
On this day, we recommit ourselves to supporting the brave men and women in China who work to defend human dignity and advance the cause of freedom, including courageous rights defenders like Jiang Tianyong, Tang Jingling, Xia Lin, Gulmira Imin, Wang Quanzhang, Ilham Tohti, Li Yuhan, and so many others whom Chinese authorities have imprisoned, disappeared, detained or tortured for their rights advocacy.  
Presenting the 2017 Outstanding Citizen Award to Li Wenzu
During the two years since Wang’s disappearance, Li and other 709 families have stood by each other in the face of harassment, threats, detentions, and even physical violence. They persevered even as their children were forced out of school and their relatives pressured to return to their hometowns. They have spared no efforts, be it appeal, protest, or legal action, to rescue the victims of the 709 crackdown.
Teng Biao:Atrocity in the Name of the Law
“Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location” (RSDL) is the latest euphemism.Tyranny is not only reflected in murder, evil laws, and crackdowns; it is reflected even more in the minor details. This book is a collection of details, vividly reflecting China’s cruelty.
China Evicts Dissidents, Shutters Businesses For Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou
As the heads of 150 major international corporations and tech firms gathered in the city to discuss major challenges facing multinational companies, local business owners said roads around the venue in Guangzhou's Haizhu district had been sealed off, and businesses ordered to close for the duration of the event.
Chinese Woman 'Dies Suddenly' Amid Ongoing Harassment From Family Planning Officials
Feng Xiuqin, of Dongtai township in Jiangsu's Dongtai city died suddenly at home on Tuesday amid a campaign to free her husband, detained by the authorities for petitioning on behalf of the family in Beijing, her daughter Chen Fei said.
Do ‘We,’ the World’s Political Parties, Know That ‘We’ Have Issued an Initiative Extolling the CCP’s Global Leadership for a Better World?
Article 1 of the Beijing Initiative states: “We, the more than 600 Chinese and foreign leaders of nearly 300 political parties and political organizations from more than 120 countries attended, from November 30 to December 3, 2017, in Beijing, the Chinese Communist Party and the World’s Political Parties High-level Dialogue sponsored by the International Liaison Department of the Communist Party of China.”
Rights Activists Slam China's Homegrown Take on Human Rights
Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told the South-South Human Rights Forum, which wrapped up in Beijing on Friday, that China would "never waver from the path of pursuing the path of human rights with Chinese characteristics."
China Arrests WhatsApp Group Chat Moderator, Claiming 'Backdoor' Access
Zhang Guanghong, a rights activist from the provincial capital Guangzhou, was formally arrested for retweeting a post about President Xi Jinping, his lawyer told RFA on Friday.Zhang was initially detained by cybersecurity police in his home district of Yuexiu in early October, ahead of the ruling Chinese Communist Party's 19th national congress.
“They Killed Him”: Denial of Medical Care in China and the Literary Conscience
But while his last days were subjected to the indignity of medicine-as-propaganda, the real question is how and why Chinese authorities took action only when Liu’s condition had become terminal. Liu suffered from hepatitis B, a condition which dramatically increases one’s risk of liver cancer. And yet it seems that his jailers only could be bothered to notice the state of his health mere weeks before his death.
Wu Qiang:Beijing Refugees and the New Displaced Class
The cruel and violent actions of the government have sparked fury and protest on Chinese social media. Some officially-controlled media, those which still retain some compassion, have published articles that offer veiled criticism of the Beijing municipal government’s policy. Civil society groups in Beijing, which have been under sustained repression for the last five years, have summoned up extraordinary courage to organize protests and relief. Alumni of Renmin University of China, Beijing intellectuals, and labor groups in China have published open letters of protest, for example.
Chinese Newspaper Offers Readers Tips on Surviving A Nuclear Attack
North Korea on Thursday called large-scale U.S. combat drills over South Korea "confrontational warmongering," saying that the exercises and recent rhetoric from Washington made the outbreak of war "an established fact."
How the top-heavy Catholic Church is losing the ground game in China
But for the past 400 years the Taihang range has also been the Catholic Church’s axis mundi in China, a focal point of its history and growth. Beijing is where Christianity found a permanent foothold in the early 17th century, allowing the faith to radiate down through the country on either side of the range. To the east lies the province of Hebei, with important centers like the National Shrine to Our Lady of China. To the west lies the province of Shanxi, home to the pilgrimage site of Bansishan. Clinging to the Taihang Mountains a bit farther south is a less famous but perhaps more telling center of Catholicism: Dongergou.
Two Years After 'Disappearance,' Wang Quanzhang Denied Visits From Defense Team
Defense attorneys Lin Qilei and Cheng Hai, who were hired by Wang's family to represent him, were once more denied entry to the No. 1 Detention Center in the northern port city of Tianjin after they tried to visit him there this week.