Independent publishing in Hong Kong – a once-flourishing industry annihilated by fear
No matter how successful Kurkov is overseas, or how his slightly dystopian, absurdist novels fit into contemporary Hong Kong, I could not find his works where I was.
Police in China's Jiangsu Criminally Detain 'Outspoken' Human Rights Activist
Xu Qin, a key figure in the China Human Rights Observer group founded by detained veteran dissident Qin Yongmin, is likely being held on suspicion of "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble," a public order charge typically used in the initial detention of activists, a fellow activist said.
Interview: Former PLA Military Driver Recalls 38th Army Commander's Massacre Rebellion
That same day, in the afternoon, a group of people from the general political department of the ministry of defense came to Xu Qinxian's ward without prior notice and politely told him that the 38th Army was now under the command of someone else.
Chinese Court Upholds Jail Term Amid Nationwide Crackdown on Complaints
Jiang Yarong was found guilty by the court of first instance in Shaanxi's Xianyang city of "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble" after she repeatedly took complaints to Beijing, and immediately lodged an appeal.
Freedom of Expression 'Under Attack' in Hong Kong As Democracy Activists Targeted: Report
"Freedom of expression in Hong Kong came under attack as the government used vague and over broad charges to prosecute pro-democracy activists," the group said in its annual report, published on Thursday.
Political Calculations Led Vatican to Agree with China on Bishop Appointment: Analysts
The Vatican and Beijing are said to be soon inking a framework agreement on the appointment of bishops in China in the hope of formally ending decades of splits between pro-government Catholics and those of the so-called “underground” communities who only obey the Pope.
Reports Say Agreement Expected Between China, Vatican on Bishops 'In March'
The new accord would likely also lead to "improved relations" between Beijing and the Vatican, which is the only European state currently to recognize the democratic island of Taiwan, the last bastion of the 1911 Republic of China forced out by the communists under Mao Zedong in 1949, it said.
Safeguarding the Right to Practice: A Statement by 58 Chinese Lawyers
The lessons of the 709 mass arrests are deep. The rising prominence of human rights lawyers was, in the first place, a wonderful opportunity for the government to reflect on the value of lawyers for the rule of law and their role in improving social governance. 
China Warns of Crackdown on Large Protestant Church Buildings, Groups
The Shekou One Country International Church in Guangdong’s Shenzhen city was visited for a fire and safety inspection two weeks ago, and has now been sealed off by the Futian district police and fire department’s inspection department.
Protesting Evictees in China’s Chongqing Locked up in Psychiatric Facilities
Around 70 activists took to the streets of Yangjiaping last week in protest at forcible evictions and demolitions by city authorities.Protesters Pan Bin, Liu Gaosheng, Xiao Chenglin, Tan Min, and He Chaozheng were later detained alongside several others whose names couldn’t be confirmed, fellow activists said.
Activist in China's Guangdong Confined in Psychiatric Hospital With 'No Sign of Illness'
Zhang Qi has been committed to the Guangzhou Baiyun Mental Rehabilitation Hospital in the Baiyun district of Guangdong's provincial capital after being incommunicado for several months.
Hong Kong Barristers Say Election Officials Now Conduct ‘Political Screenings’ of Candidates
“The Bar is concerned about the recent disqualification of … Agnes Chow from taking part in the by-election of the Legislative Council in March 2018,” the Hong Kong Bar Association said in a statement on its website.
Anti-Pollution Activist Held Over Chinese New Year in China’s Jiangsu
Ji Shulong had planned to be reunited with husband Hao Zhiquan on Wednesday after his release from more than a month’s police detention for pursuing a complaint against local ruling Chinese Communist Party officials.
China: Release Human Rights Lawyers-Restore Licenses Revoked for Criticizing Government
In February 2018, authorities stripped human rights lawyer Sui Muqing of his license for allegedly violating “courtroom etiquette,” and canceled the registration of the Wutian Law Firm for its refusal to participate in a politicized review process.
The director of the FBI says the whole of Chinese society is a threat to the US — and that Americans must step up to defend themselves
Recent reports have suggested that while China's Confucius Institutes are ostensibly language-learning centers, they often serve as vehicles for Chinese propaganda at universities around the world, including the US.
Diplomats Visit Activists, Family of Detained Lawyer Over Chinese New Year
Diplomats from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries have been visiting activists and dissidents’ families in and around the capital, including veteran rights activist Hu Jia, the wife of detained rights lawyer Yu Wensheng, and anti-eviction activist Ni Yulan.
Chinese Lawyers Pen Open Letter in Protest of Professional Persecution
Rights lawyers who accept politically “sensitive” cases, or who are publicly outspoken on behalf of vulnerable groups, have also been prevented from practicing law because their business licenses are being revoked during a newly instituted annual review process.
Hong Kong’s Former Second-in-Command Blasts ‘Political Censorship’ in City
Chan, who was awarded the 2018 O’Connor Justice Prize for her contributions to advancing rule of law, justice, and human rights during her trip, founded a pro-democracy think-tank to advance the cause of fully democratic elections for Hong Kong during the city’s student-led 2014 Occupy Central movement.
Photo of Liu Xia in Bookstore ‘Doesn’t Mean She is Free’: Friends
The photograph appears to show Liu Xia, who has been under house arrest since the announcement of her late husband’s Nobel prize in October 2010, poring over titles in a bookshop, with her characteristic shaved head, and wearing dark clothing.
Catholics Warn Vatican Against Reported Agreement With Beijing
According to a report from Reuters, the Holy See and the government of the People’s Republic of China will soon reach an agreement over the issue of bishop appointment, as well as recognition of seven bishops recognized by the ruling Chinese Communist Party, but not currently by the Pope.
Chinese Police Hold Outspoken Head of Human Rights Campaign Group
Xu Qin, who heads the China Human Rights Observer website founded by detained veteran pro-democracy activist Qin Yongmin, has been incommunicado since last week, fellow activists said.
China Investigates Hong Kong-Based Bookseller Gui Minhai For ‘Spying’
Gui Minhai, whose second detention came as he traveled to Beijing to seek medical attention last month, said in videotaped comments posted to the website of Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily News, that Sweden had blown up the incident out of all proportion.
Under Neo-Totalitarianism, There Is No ‘Civil Society’ in China
Poland’s case is unique among the political transitions in the collapse of the Soviet and Eastern European communist bloc. Unlike the Soviet Union, where reform was led primarily by Communist Party bureaucrats and went through a chaotic implementation, or Czechoslovakia, where change came through the sudden mass demonstrations of the Velvet Revolution, Polish democracy emerged as a product of the state coming to an agreement with society.
Wife of Taiwan NGO Worker Jailed by China Takes Campaign to Europe
Lee Ming-cheh, a lifelong activist with Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party, was sentenced by Hunan’s Yueyang Intermediate People's Court to five years in jail for "attempting to subvert state power” last November.
Chinese Businesswoman Allied to Former Premier Wen Jiabao Detained: Report
Previous reports have indicated that Duan Weihong, who uses the English name Whitney Duan, is a key figure in the finances of the Wen family, with The New York Times reporting in 2012 that his relatives controlled assets worth at least U.S.$2.7 billion.
Nanjing Activist Stands Trial on Public Order Charges After Massacre Protest
Shi Tingfu was taken away by police in June 2017 after he defied a nationwide ban on public events marking the anniversary of the 1989 student movement and the subsequent bloody crackdown by the People's Liberation Army (PLA).
China’s January Exports, Imports Surge; US Trade Deficit Grows
Exports rose 11.1 percent compared with a year earlier to $200.5 billion, up from December’s 10.9 percent growth, trade data showed Thursday. Imports surged 36.9 percent to $180.1 billion, up from the previous month’s 4.5 percent.
China to Try Outspoken Nanjing Journalist For ‘Subversive’ Social Media Posts
But Sun, who has frequently spoken out against the use of staged “confessions” by the authorities in the past, isn’t cooperating with the prosecution’s version of the facts, the source said.
Dozens Missing After Taiwan Earthquake as President Pledges Help to Rebuild
More than 260 people were injured in the tremor, which struck Hualien county on the island’s east coast, causing buildings to collapse and lean over steeply. Many were trapped as they slept.
China’s Detention of Swedish Bookseller Sparks Further Anger, Fears For Health
Last month, Gui Minhai's daughter Angela Gui told Radio Sweden he had been snatched by plainclothes police officers while traveling to Beijing from his parental home in the eastern city of Ningbo.