Umbrellas, Activists Banned as China's President Visits Macau
Journalists and visitors waiting at the Macau International Airport were provided with raincoats and asked not to hold umbrellas as Xi landed, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong, where more than 10 weeks of pro-democracy protests have recently ended.
Chinese Authorities Tear Down Cross, Wall Up Church Ahead of Christmas
Several hundred demolition workers and officials arrived at the Nanle County Church on Tuesday, dragging away two volunteers on duty there before sealing it off to prevent anyone from entering, and tearing down the cross from the roof, they said.
Apple 'failing to protect Chinese factory workers'
It found standards on workers' hours, ID cards, dormitories, work meetings and juvenile workers were being breached at the Pegatron factories. Apple said it strongly disagreed with the programme's conclusions.
China village petitions to 'isolate' HIV positive boy
Villagers in China's Sichuan province have petitioned authorities to "isolate" an HIV positive eight-year-old boy, state media report.
A Thousand Retired Chinese Teachers Protest Over Lack of Pensions
Carrying red banners bearing a single character, "Injustice," and a banner which read simply "We need to eat," the teachers marched to the headquarters of the Jiangsu provincial government to demand better pensions and health insurance.
Christmas Card Signing event for Political Prisoners in China
Welcome to organize your own campaign to send out greeting cards to the prisoners using these address labels (30 addresses/page, Avery Template 5160 compatible). 
China Falun Gong Trial Lawyer Hits Out at Police Security Cordon
Shi Mengwen, Meng Fanli, Wang Yanxin and Li Guifang stood trial at a court in Heilongjiang's Jiansanjiang city, close to the Russian border, for "using an evil cult to undermine law enforcement," defense attorney Wang Yu told RFA.
Mongolian Dissident Calls For Help to Leave China With Family
Hada, 59, who is being confined to an apartment in retaliation for giving media interviews on his release, called on the international community to "pay attention" to his situation and that of his wife Xinna and grown son Uiles.
Dalai Lama concedes he may be the last
The Dalai Lama suggested the UK had taken a soft line with China over Hong Kong's recent student-led pro-democracy protests for financial reasons.
A letter to my husband Guo Yushan: II
Economic scholar and influential think-tank founder, Guo Yushan, was taken from his suburban Beijing home by police officers on October 9, at around 2 a.m., on suspicion of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles” — an increasingly common offence used to silence China’s growing community of rights activists.
China Jails More Journalists Than Any Other Country in 2014
As the global environment for freedom of information worsened slightly overall in 2014, China has continued to exert tight control on its official media, while extending its reach and influence to journalists beyond its borders, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said in its annual Press Freedom Index.
Chinese Police Lock Down Dissident's Grave as Memorial Event Is Cancelled
Dozens of uniformed police lined the woodland pathways leading up Lingyan mountain near Suzhou's Mudu township, preventing activists from marking Tuesday's 82nd anniversary of Lin Zhao's execution for alleged counterrevolutionary crimes under the rule of late supreme leader Mao Zedong.
China pro-democracy activist Xu Youyu awarded Swedish rights prize
"Through his research and dialogue-oriented debate articles, Xu Youyu has made a great contribution to the peaceful and democratic development in China."
Hong Kong Police Clear Last Pro-Democracy Protests as Leaders Vow Movement Will Continue
Police arrested 20 protesters as they cleared the last remaining Occupy Central site outside a Japanese department store in the busy shopping district of Causeway Bay, dismantling barricades, makeshift shelters and clearing away banners and symbols of the "Umbrella Movement."
Boxun article used as evidence to convict democracy activist Zhao Fengsheng
The  judgment states that several netizens responded online to Zhao’s Open Letter. Based on this, the court determined that Zhao used the letter to incite subversion of state power and the socialist system through violence and terrorist attack.
Tiananmen Massacre revelation: Corpses secretly removed through sewers
“After the massacre, our company spent two successive days and a night disposing of corpses. Corpses were passed through the sewers from the ground of Tiananmen Square. After a corpse was sent down, it was placed in a cotton bag, which was then tied with a rope and passed to soldiers, who stood in a line in the sewers. I don’t know what was done with those corpses or where they were taken.
Three Months of Protests End Quietly in Hong Kong
After almost three months of tumult, the street protests have dwindled to a few dozen tents in the Causeway Bay area, a hectic shopping district, where dozens of protesters waited to be evicted, accompanied by similar numbers of journalists.
Yang Zili:Exile in My Own Country – A Letter to Domestic Security Officer Li in Beijing
We don’t understand why a blow like this is being dealt to a NGO such as TI that engages in social policy research. We did not advocate for street action. Even when we were holding a purely academic seminar, we tried not to do anything that would tick off the domestic security police officers. 
Last Hong Kong Protest Camp to Be Cleared Monday, Police Say
The protest camp wedged into one side of a street in Causeway Bay, a shopping area thronged by mainland Chinese tourists, has outlasted the other two, much larger camps that also sprang up in late September, voicing demands for elections free of restrictions demanded by Beijing.
Microblog posts lead to subversion charges for Pu Zhiqiang
Attorney Mo Shaoping said the complaint cited as evidence 30 of Pu’s microblog posts on Sina Weibo. For example, the charge of inciting ethnic hatred is based on Pu Zhiqiang’s call after the attack at the Kunming Railway Station for China’s rulers to rethink their minority policy and improve ethnic minority relations. 
China in 2014 through the Eyes of a Human Rights Advocate
Dr. Xu Zhiyong was not one of these parents but, because of the Education Fairness Campaign he had led, the legal scholar and initiator of the New Citizens Movement was charged with “disrupting order in a public place.” The “disruption” refers to the gatherings of parents, from a few dozens to a few hundreds, and the “public place” refers to the area in front of the office buildings of the education authorities.
Hong Kong Occupiers Vow to Continue Actions Without Blocking Roads
A handful of protesters remained encamped outside the semiautonomous Chinese city's Legislative Council (LegCo) in a bid to keep up the pressure on the government for fully democratic elections in 2017 and beyond.
Vatican Denies Dalai Lama Papal Audience Over China Concern
The Dalai Lama, in Rome for a meeting of Nobel Peace Prize winners, told Italian media he had approached the Vatican about a meeting but was told it could create inconveniences.
Chinese Court Frees Uyghur Linguist Following Appeal
He was released on Nov. 27 after his partners in an education venture, Muhemmet Sidik and Dilyar Obul, who were convicted in the same trial, appealed their verdict, the relative said, speaking to RFA’s Uyghur Service on condition of anonymity.
Hong Kong Occupiers Defiant But Peaceful as Police Clear Main Protest Site
Police arrested 209 people during the clearance of Harcourt Road near government headquarters in the former British colony's Admiralty district, while more than 900 people had their details noted and could still be charged, a spokesman said.
Veteran Mongolian Dissident Still Under House Arrest After 'Release'
Hada, 59, was initially allowed to meet with his wife Xinna, son Uiles, brother Yushan,and sister Yuyue following his "release," although he had been living in the apartment since Nov. 17, the Southern Mongolia Human Rights and Information Center (SMHRIC) said in a statement on its website.
Dissident's Daughters Granted Political Asylum in United States
Zhang Anni and her elder sister Ruli left China for California following their father's arrest in August 2013 following a dispute with the authorities after police pulled Anni out of primary school earlier in the year and detained her for several hours.
Liu Xiaobo, Nobel-Winning Chinese Dissident, Is Said to Send Message From Prison
The message said: “I am O.K. Here in prison, I have continually been able to read and think. In my studies, I have become even more convinced I have no personal enemies. The nimbus around me is shiny enough by now. I hope the world could pay more attention to other victims who are not well known, or not known at all!”
HK protesters brace for clearance after injunction published
On Tuesday, a High Court ruling that ordered the clearance of three parts of the Admiralty protest camp was published in local papers. A lawyer for the firm behind the ruling said protesters should leave the area before 09:00 (01:00 GMT) on Thursday.
China Releases Veteran Mongolian Activist, Who Says He Was Tortured
Hada, who is in his fifties, was released after four years' extrajudicial detention at the Jinye Ecological Park in the regional capital Hohhot, where he was being held after serving a 15-year jail term for "separatism" and "espionage."