Hong Kong Expects Large Pro-democracy Rally as it Marks 1997 Handover
A morning flag-raising ceremony will be attended by China's most senior official in Hong Kong, Zhang Xiaoming, who said this week the city should shift its focus from political reform and concentrate instead on economic development.
Two More Chinese Netizens Charged With 'Subversion' Over Online Satire
Liang Qinhui, also known by his online nickname "Sharp Knife," was detained by police in Guangdong's provincial capital Guangzhou in April, and his case has now been transferred to the municipal state prosecution service, his fiancee told RFA on Tuesday.
Armed police move in against Chinese anti-plant protesters
Jinshan's protests attracted thousands more people every day. They appeared to be tolerated by the authorities until they moved to heart of Shanghai, the city's financial centre.Then, armed police swept in to shut down the demonstration. They arrested dozens of people on Saturday, hauling them away in three city buses.
Hong Kong Student Leader, Girlfriend Attacked on Mong Kok Street
Wong, who rose to prominence during last year's Occupy Central campaign for fully democratic elections, was punched by an unidentified man as he left a movie theater in the gritty downtown district of Mong Kok, just streets away from where he was arrested at the end of the mass civil disobedience movement.
Detentions Highlight Clampdown on China's Citizen Journalists
Yang was detained on June 24 on suspicion of "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble," after she publicly denounced local police officers over their interrogation of her 13-year-old son, who has since been hospitalized.
Fined for Having Baby, Unwed Couple Ask Chinese Public to Pitch In
The local family planning office had notified them in April that the two would have to pay a “social maintenance fee” of 43,910 renminbi, or about $7,200, to register their daughter’s birth. Governments across China impose the levy on parents who are unmarried or otherwise seen as violating family planning regulations.
Leaked Messages Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Maneuvers During Hong Kong Election Vote
Many Hong Kong legislators are avid users of the messaging app, often forming chat groups with their political allies to discuss everything from the drafting of news releases to filibustering tactics. The participants in this conversation were legislators who, like Mr. Chung and Mr. Lam, planned to vote for a Beijing-backed election rules bill that for the first time would have granted five million eligible voters in Hong Kong the right to cast ballots for their leader, the chief executive.
Liao Yiwu: Tamer of Beasts, Tamer of Despots
Chen Yunfei has described himself as a beast tamer, and the beast in question is the Chinese police force, a creature known to be more ruthless and more brutal than any beast on earth. As a result, Chen Yunfei has endured numerous beatings.
US spy chief James Clapper says China lead suspect in cyber hack
China always dismissed suggestions that it was behind the hacking. The statement comes after three days of high-level talks in which China and the US agreed to a "code of conduct".
Nine Injured in Clashes Between Police and Hui Muslims in China's Yinchuan
Residents of Yueyahu village near Ningxia's Yinchuan city said the clashes took place after dozens of police arrived in the village on Thursday morning and began demolishing local graves to clear land for a new airport.
No Sign of Early End to Shanghai Protest Over Planned PX Plant
Photos of Friday's protest taken from above showed the crowd stretching two or three blocks, while others showed protesters carrying banners through the lamp-lit streets that read: "Give us back our Jinshan! Protect the environment! Stay away from pollution!"
China Slaps Travel Ban on Nuclear Researcher-Turned-Poet Activist
Liang Taiping, who lives in the Hunan provincial capital Changsha, had planned to attend a conference in Thailand, but was stopped by airport security before he was able to board his flight to Bangkok on Thursday, he told RFA.
Southern Weekend Journalist Sues Chinese Doctors' Association Over 'Fake Report' Claim
Chai Huiqun, a journalist for the Guangzhou-based Southern Weekend newspaper, is in the process of suing the Chinese Medical Doctors' Association (CMDA) following complaints about his reporting to the party-controlled All-China Journalists Association (ACJA).
Why is China's female prison population growing?
With only a primary school education, Ding Yuxin built an empire hinging on lucrative government coal and railway deals. Many were secured by greasing palms, netting Ding more than $325m (£207m: €290m) in contracts.
Hu Ping: How the Tiananmen Massacre Changed China, and the World
Then, within a year, Eastern Europe and then the Soviet Union underwent a massive shift, and the international communist camp crumbled. America became the sole superpower, and democracy saw its greatest victories. It seemed a matter of common sense to believe that China’s communist dictatorship would, too, soon fall apart.
China police checkpoint attack 'kills 18' in Xinjiang
One possible motive could be the tight restrictions placed on Muslim Uighurs during Ramadan.Muslim party members, civil servants, students and teachers are stopped from observing the period when Muslims fast - one of the five pillars of Islam.
US raises cyber concerns with China
Earlier this month, the Chinese were blamed for a security breach involving the records of four million past and present US federal employees. Speaking in Washington at the end of the talks, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the two countries would now work together to come up with a code of cyber conduct.
Activist Interrogated and Prevented from Attending Human Rights Training in Geneva
As we wrangled on, I walked from my door to the balcony where I saw a kitchen knife and grabbed it. But before I turned around, a tall and young man pressed my hand down from behind. I couldn’t move, so I let go of the kitchen knife, but I held onto the balustrade as hard as I could to resist being taken away. As the tall man continued to try to twist my arm away, his arm on top of mine, I bend over and bit him. Unable to drive away the thugs who invaded my home, I figured I was entitled to bite him.
Shanghai Denies PX Plans as Thousands Protest Over Pollution Fears
Hundreds of Jinshan residents marched on Tuesday to the district government offices, following a much larger protest involving thousands of people over the weekend. "The Gaoqiao petrochemical plant will close, not relocate," a post on the Jinshan district government's official account on the Twitter-like service Sina Weibo said.
Beijing Police Detain Hundreds of PLA Veterans As Thousands Protest Lack of Pension
The protesters, mostly veterans of China's brief 1979 border war with Vietnam and the Sino-Soviet border conflict of March 1969, converged on the Central Military Commission (CMC) headquarters in Beijing on Tuesday morning.
Last Occupy Central Die-Hards Face Eviction From Hong Kong Street
The deadline was announced formally in notices nailed up at the site by Hong Kong's Lands Department, but some residents say they won't leave until the city has a system of "genuine universal suffrage" agreed.
China arrests after hundreds attack police in Hunan province
Her relatives beat the husband and took local officials hostage when they attempted to intervene.In a statement reported by state media, the police said that the trouble began on Thursday after the family displayed the woman's corpse in her mother-in-law's house.
Dog Slaughter Continues in China's Yulin Amid Growing Calls For Change
The annual June 21 festival, which is largely commercial in origin, has been the focus of repeated petitions and social media campaigns from within China and around the world since last year calling on authorities in Guangxi's Yulin city to ban it.
What next in Hong Kong-Beijing democracy tussle?
The vote failed after only eight members of the Legislative Council voted for the motion, with 28 against it. Most of the other lawmakers in the 70-member council staged a dramatic walkout.It capped nearly two years of debate, public consultations and months of street protests. So, what's next for political reform in Hong Kong?
Chinese Court Pulls Plug on Activists' Subversion Trial Amid Procedural Dispute With Defense
Rights lawyer Tang Jingling, former teacher Wang Qingying, and writer-activist Yuan Xinting, known as the Guangzhou Three, were scheduled to stand trial on Friday at the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court for "incitement to subvert state power" after being held in a police detention center for more than a year.
Chinese Police Case Against Guangdong Women's Rights Activist 'Lacks Evidence'
"The authorities have sent the case back [to police] for further investigation," Su's lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan told RFA."After that, there's a maximum time-limit of one month before the case must be resubmitted to the procuratorate [state prosecution service]," he said.
China Clamps Down on Activists Ahead of Lawyers' Subversion Trial
Tang Jingling, Wang Qingying, and Yuan Xinting, known as the Guangzhou Three, will stand trial on Friday at the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court for "incitement to subvert state power" after being held in a police detention center for more than a year.
Hong Kong lawmakers reject Beijing poll plan
But candidates would be vetted by a pro-Beijing committee and pro-democracy activists said the reforms only offered "fake democracy". Beijing said it would not change its position on democratic reforms.
Chinese Police Shoot Dead a Muslim Uyghur Man Amid Ramadan Crackdown
"The man was shot and injured after he ignored repeated police warnings. He died in spite of emergency treatment," the statement said. An earlier post said that the man was a Uyghur but the reference to his ethnicity was later deleted, according to the Global Times newspaper, which has close ties to the ruling Chinese Communist Party.
Political Tensions High as Hong Kong Lawmakers Debate Electoral Reforms
Meanwhile, pro-democracy protesters held up the yellow and black banners of last year's Umbrella Movement, which has-—together with the 27 pan-democratic lawmakers in the Legislative Council (LegCo)—dismissed Beijing's electoral reform plan as "fake universal suffrage."