Carrie Lam Wins Hong Kong Chief Executive Race Amid Pro-Democracy Protests
"Hong Kong, our home, is suffering from quite a serious divisiveness and has accumulated a lot of frustration,” Lam told reporters after her victory. "My priority will be to heal the divide and to ease the frustration -- and to unite our society to move forward."
China Bars Professor at Australian University From Leaving, Lawyer Says
The confinement of Feng Chongyi, an associate professor at the University of Technology Sydney, or U.T.S., unfolded over the weekend while China’s premier, Li Keqiang, visited Australia to promote deeper trade and diplomatic ties. Professor Feng’s case could cloud those ties.
Nationalization of Military Is Fundamental Guarantee of Social Stability in China
The nationalization of the military is a proposition in the field of military and political science, that is, the military is not divided along partisan lines and political parties.  It belongs all the people of a country; the unification of military orders and decrees from the government is an important symbol of the democratic countries.
At Asia’s Hottest Art Fair, Taking Selfies With a Mao ‘Corpse’
The model was part of the 2009 work “Summit,” by the Chinese artist Shen Shaomin. Arranged beside Mao were several other Communist strongmen: Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il-Sung, Fidel Castro and Vladimir Lenin. The installation, presented by Osage Gallery in the fair’s Encounters section, is a stark reminder that in this perfectly lit bubble of expensive art and Champagne, political realities are never too far away.
Thousands Rally For Most Popular Candidate Ahead of Hong Kong's Chief Executive Poll
Candidate John Tsang reminded the crowd that it was standing near the site of the 2014 Occupy Central movement for universal suffrage, which failed to pressure the ruling Chinese Communist Party into allowing public nominations in a one person, one vote race.
Chinese Beat South Koreans at Soccer Amid Huge Tide of Nationalism
China beat South Korea 1-0 in the provincial capital Changsha as the ruling Chinese Communist Party deployed around 10,000 riot police and armored vehicles in the city, with police helicopters circling above.
Police Fire Pepper Spray at Thousands Protesting Evictions in China's Henan
Police and urban management officials, or chengguan, turned out in force with tear gas and pepper spray in a bid to subdue protests over demolitions in a suburb of Henan's Shangqiu city on Thursday, residents said on Friday.
Latest Self-Immolator Alive China Stops Tibetan Horse Festival, Arrests Two Organizers
It is unknown whether any family members are being allowed to be with him, especially after several people who were friends and family who had gone to demand his body following his protest were forced to stay in stress positions all night and severely beaten by the Chinese police before being allowed to leave.
China must end its cruel detainment of government critics
Late last month, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Sweden and Britain wrote a joint letter urging Beijing to end its harmless-sounding practice of "residential surveillance at a designated place.
Rights Lawyer Complains to Mayor Over 'Cultural Revolution' Treatment of Colleagues
Liu Xiaoyuan, a partner at the now-shuttered Fengrui law firm that was the first target of police raids and detentions, made the complaint on Wednesday, saying that he and other lawyers had lost their business licenses as a result.
Ethnic Mongolian Herders Protest Lack of Compensation For Grazing Ban
With banners urging the government "Pay out our grazing ban subsidies!" around 200 herders gathered outside government offices in nearby Chifeng city on Monday and Tuesday with a petition calling on the government to pay out agreed compensation for loss of their traditional livelihoods.
Demolition Gangs Forcibly Raze Villagers' Houses in China's Guangxi
Dozens of people in minivans wearing camouflage clothing accompanied a mechanical digger to the home of Xie Qingguo in Baihutou village early on Tuesday.
Is Xi Jinping Putin-izing China?
During the recent meetings of the National People’s Congress (NPC) — China’s rubber-stamp parliament and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the phrase of “Xi as core leader of the party” was used repeatedly, coming up before officials discussed a wide range of topics from the economy to the environment.
Canada, 10 other countries call out China for torturing human rights lawyers
The unusually direct criticism comes in a letter from the Chinese diplomatic missions of the signatory countries, including Canada, that expresses “growing concern over recent claims of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in cases concerning detained human rights lawyers and other human rights defenders.”
Autistic Boy’s Death One of Many Linked to Squalid ‘Care Center’ in China
The deaths at the facility in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, came to light in an unusual exposé published by a state-run newspaper. The case tapped into broad concerns in China over the government’s treatment of the poor and disadvantaged, especially rural migrants vulnerable to discrimination and detention in Chinese cities.
Wukan Activist's Mother Interrogated, Intimidated After Incognito Visit
Wukan officials paid the mother of Zhuang Liehong a visit on March 17 after he and others spoke to the media about recent visits to the beleaguered village by rights activists.
Wei Jingsheng :Will the World Let China Define the Rules?
How could people get interested at these drowsy conferences?  Thus a lot of things that were to avoid the attention of the people happened.  This is called "operating the black box during a public conference," just as described in the movies we watched in China that portrayed the invasion of the Japanese soldiers as: "moving into the village quietly, without a single gunshot."
Three Jailed For Three Years Apiece Over Hong Kong's 'Fishball Revolution'
Students Hui Ka-ki, 23, and Mak Tsz-hei, 20, and chef Sit Tat-wing were jailed by the city's District Court after being found guilty of throwing items like glass bottles and bamboo poles at police officers.
China's Rebel Village Still Under Close Surveillance, Cut Off From World
The village in southern China's Guangdong province has been largely incommunicado since hundreds of armed police in full riot gear raided the village on Sept. 13, firing rubber bullets and tear gas into crowds of protesters who fought back with bricks from behind makeshift barricades.
High-Profile Funeral For Wife of Ousted Chinese Premier
But liberal academics who wanted to attend her funeral at Beijing's Babaoshan crematorium said they were denied entry permits to the funeral.Li's son Hu Dehua told RFA shortly after his mother's death was announced that she had passed away peacefully at the family home in Beijing on March 12.
China's Annual Parliament Ends Amid 'Tightest Internet Controls Yet'
Many of the more outspoken members of the popular chat network QQ had their accounts shut down at the start of March, with fresh accounts also deleted soon after they were set up, Guangzhou-based writer Xu Lin said.
China: Disclose Details of Terrorism Convictions-Overbroad Counterterrorism Legal Framework Opens Door to Abuses
Human Rights Watch said that China’s terrorism prosecutions, primarily in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, are subject to politically motivated abuse because of the expansive definition of terrorism, lack of transparency, and violations of fair trial rights.
In People’s Republic, poor petitioners are unwelcome in Beijing during annual parliament
This is the time when citizens with complaints – mostly relating to land, education and healthcare – land up in Beijing from across China to knock the doors of the highest authorities. It is technically legal here to petition the central government in Beijing against local governments.
Chinese CEOs Protest Curbs on Foreign Investments
Last year alone, Chinese companies struck deals overseas worth $225 billion; but according to data compiled by Bloomberg, there have only been $19 billion in acquisitions abroad, announced by Chinese companies so far this year, a 74 percent drop from the previous year.
Urge China to amend laws, investigate torture and release detained defenders
China took the floor especially to express its objections to the statements by 'certain NGOs', and asserted that counter-terrorism 'has never been linked with a certain religion or ethnicity' and that the 'economic, social and educational rights' of all minorities, including Uyghurs, are fully respected. The delegate concluded by noting that the public security organs 'carried out the management and issuance of passports according to relevant law'. 
China Attempts to Censor Western Universities
These latest efforts at exporting Chinese censorship to Western universities appear to have failed. Similar efforts to impose Chinese censorship abroad have met with greater success, however, and such activities continue to pose a threat to free speech at Western universities. They also risk creating a hostile environment for other Chinese students who do not engage in such activities.
Rights Activists Denounce Achievements Touted by Top China Judge
Rights activists say that could signal the crackdown on lawyers is still far from over.They also cast doubts over his vision towards the nation’s future pursuit of judicial reforms and court independence.
Proposal for More Open Internet Hits Great Firewall of China
China claims it has the world’s largest internet population and takes pride in being No. 1, but it is also a global leader in censorship, blocking everything from access to foreign websites to comment on social media. The U.S.-based Freedom House has described China as the “world’s worst abuser of internet freedom.”
Wei Jingsheng 's Evaluation of Xi Jinping's 5 Years
Wei Jingsheng said that the words "Xi Core Leadership" have been mentioned repeatedly by the officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which shows that not all voices within the Communist leadership are convinced; thus the need to repeat this phrase of "Xi Core Leadership."  After Mao Zedong's era, the word "leader" was rarely mentioned because this word in Chinese is associated with dictators.  But now this word has surfaced again, which indicates that Xi Jinping may want to engage a dictatorship, and everyone is forced to call him a leader at his request.
China Bans Sales of Foreign Books, Movies, Games Without a Permit
The new rules came into effect on the online shopping platform Taobao on Friday banning sellers from offering "overseas publications.""In order to ... create a safe and secure online shopping environment and to enhance consumer confidence and satisfaction, Taobao has embargoed sales of foreign publications," the company said in a statement on its website.