Samantha Power: Remarks at the FreeThe20 Campaign Launch
On September 27th, 20 years after the Beijing Declaration, nations from around the world will take part in another high-level conference, this time at the United Nations in New York, with the aim of agreeing upon a new set of concrete commitments to advance women’s rights for the next 20 years. The discussion will look both at the areas where the world has made meaningful progress and those where we have not. Like Beijing, the conference will be ambitious in its breadth and aims to include a diverse set of voices.
Four Activists Held in China's Guangdong Over Lawyer Campaign T-Shirts
Liu Yajie is currently being held on suspicion of "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble," her lawyer told RFA.  Police have also detained fellow activists Liu Jinlian, Huang Xi, Wei Xiaobing and Huang Yongxiang, but their whereabouts were still unknown by Tuesday evening, when repeated calls to their personal cell phones resulted in a "switched off" message. The four were detained after gathering at Liu's home on Friday, and taken to the nearby Yongxin police station in Xintang district of Guangdong's Zengcheng city.
Beijing Closes Down, While Schools Are Told to Praise Party Ahead of War Parade
Meanwhile, millions of students returning to primary schools, high schools, and universities across the country have been ordered to spend their first day back in class immersed in paeans of praise to the party, according to a recent government directive.
U.S. considering sanctions over Chinese cyber theft: Washington Post WASHINGTON
Suspicions that Chinese hackers were behind a series of data breaches in the United States have been an irritant in relations between the world's two largest economies as President Xi Jinping prepares to make his first visit to the United States next month.
China Religious Rights Lawyer Given 6 Months of Detention
Human rights activists have told VOA that after taking away Zhang Kai and two assistants, Wenzhou police also detained more than 10 Christians, including pastors. Some have since been released, but most are still in custody.  
China Repeals Underage Sex Law, Says All Child Sex is Rape
"Sexual relations with a girl under 14, regardless of whether coercion is involved, regardless of whether the perpetrator is aware that the victim is under 14, will be regarded as rape, with a mandatory heavy penalty, and a maximum penalty of death," the committee said in a directive dated Aug. 29.
China punishes 197 over stock market and Tianjin 'rumours'
A total of 367 people remain in hospital after the 12 August blast at a warehouse where large amounts of toxic chemicals were stored. Twenty are in critical condition, according to Xinhua.
Consumer Anxiety in China Undermines Government’s Economic Plans
Many young middle-class Chinese who grew up during the nation’s glittering boom years, when double-digit growth was the norm, are suddenly confronting the shadow of an economic slowdown, and even hints of austerity.
Behind Tianjin Tragedy, a Company That Flouted Regulations and Reaped Profits
Within two years, Rui Hai International Logistics had built a reputation as the go-to place for businesses looking to ship hazardous materials to customers abroad, a niche market that had been dominated by sluggish state enterprises.
Malaysian Protesters Flood Streets in Opposition to PM
The crowds flooded the streets wearing yellow shirts of the Bersih movement — the coalition for clean and fair elections — even after authorities blocked the organizer's website and banned yellow attire and the group's logo in a bid to deter the rallies, which were also held in other Malaysian cities.
China Jails 45 Over Illegal Border Crossings in Northwestern Xinjiang
Forty-five people were tried in 10 separate cases in parts of the region near the border with neighboring countries, including Yili (in Chinese, Ili) prefecture, Aksu, Hotan, Kashgar and Karamay, the English-language China Daily said.
China Probes People's Daily Online Executives For Bribery
"Under the direction of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Henan People's Procuratorate has placed Liao Hong and ... Chen Zhixia under coercive measures," the statement said.It said the two men are currently being investigated for "suspected bribery."
Hong Kong Christian Groups Feel New Scrutiny From Mainland
But Mr. Woo, a longtime Hong Kong resident, was startled when he was summoned across the border recently for a meeting with officials from the State Administration for Religious Affairs. Over tea, he said, the officials rattled off a list of laws they said he had violated, and they ordered him to stop.
Hong Kong Charges Occupy Central Leaders With Public Order Offenses
The charges relate to a protest on Sept. 26 during which some Umbrella Movement protesters climbed into Civic Square, part of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) government complex.
Setting a Stage for Kindness in Chinese Society
The plastic chickens flew, but Little Flower remained silent. So, urged on by her troupe, Circus Master tried something different — kindness. She said, ‘‘Please!’’ And Little Flower talked, as scores of children whooped, clapped and laughed with joy.
China’s News Media Largely Silent Amid Market Losses
There was no mention of the market mayhem on the newspaper’s front page, which featured a report about economic development in Tibet. Indeed, there was not a single reference to the stock markets throughout the entire 24 pages of the paper, which dwelled instead on the forthcoming 70th anniversary of Japan’s defeat in World War II.The silence was a telling sign that, while Republican aspirants to the White House have upbraided Beijing over the stock market turmoil, China’s leaders were sticking to their habit of staying above the public fray when policies turn sour.
XIAO SHU: Tianjin and China’s Industrial Calamities
Then on the night of Aug. 12, a series of huge blasts at a hazardous-materials warehouse owned by Rui Hai International Logistics killed more than 100 people and shattered that dream. The explosions reduced the surrounding area to ruins, displacing thousands of local residents, many of whom remain angry at the government’s poor handling of the disaster.
Taiwan Turns Down Asylum Request by 1989 Chinese Democracy Activist
Gong Yujian, who served time in a labor camp in the wake of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, failed to board his return flight across the Taiwan Strait earlier this month, citing constant harassment by the authorities under a nationwide crackdown on critics of the ruling Chinese Communist Party under President Xi Jinping.
China Detains Lawyer in Zhejiang Amid Ongoing Cross Demolition Program
Zhang Kai had recently been based in the coastal city of Wenzhou, known as "China's Jerusalem," to offer pro bono advice to more than 100 Protestant churches facing the removal of their crosses and the detention of pastors, lay preachers, and church members.
China Probes Another Top Rights Lawyer For 'Subversion'
Bao Longjun, who was detained alongside his wife and fellow rights lawyer Wang Yu on July 9, at the start of a nationwide police operation, has now had "incitement to subvert state power" added to his charge sheet, his lawyer Chen Yongfu told RFA.
China on High Alert, Detains Critics, Protesters Ahead of War Parade
Thirty heads of state, including Russian president Vladimir Putin and South Korean president Park Geun-hye, will attend China's celebration on Sept. 3 of its victory over Japan, although Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe won't be among them, the foreign ministry said.
Fading Economy and Graft Crackdown Rattle China’s Leaders
The Communist Party’s anticorruption agency announced it was investigating him on “suspicion of serious violations of party discipline and the law,” signaling his ouster as the party chief of Hebei Province, one of the nation’s most populous.
China's Black Monday Comes Amid Much Deeper Economic Pessimism: Analysts
The Shanghai Composite Index ended what was quickly dubbed "Black Monday" 8.5 percent lower at 3,209.91 points, the level it had reached at the beginning of this year.
Safety Fears Linger After Further Chemical Blast in China's Shandong
At least nine people were injured after a blast ripped through a chemical plant in Zibo city, in the eastern province of Shandong on Saturday night, starting a fire at the Shandong Runxing Chemical Technology Co, according to official media.
MURONG XUECUN: Scaling China’s Great Firewall
When my friend said “beyond the wall,” he was referring to the notorious Great Firewall of China, which since around 1998 has been a government project to screen and block Internet content. Seventeen years on, the firewall is a frustrating feature of life that splinters the Chinese world into two. One world stands for free information and the exchange of ideas, the other for censoring and monitoring. The wall fences in a Chinese information prison where ignorance fosters ideologies of hatred and aggression. If the firewall exists indefinitely, China will eventually revert to what it once was: a sealed off, narrow-minded, belligerent, rogue state.
China explosion: Fires at Shandong chemical plant
The People's Daily said a warehouse at the Runxing chemical plant exploded. There is a residential area about 1km from the plant. Earlier this month blasts involving chemicals in the northern city of Tianjin killed at least 121 people.
China Indicts Dozens of Journalists, Media Companies For 'Extortion'
The number being indicted is much higher than the previous number reported last year, and the charges include "extortion," "blackmail," and "forced" transactions, the Shanghai Pudong district prosecution office said in a statement.
Guozhen Xiao:Activist Guo Feixiong Held 743 Days Without Yard Time
These actions by the Chinese authorities have already led to widespread anger and concern among Chinese human rights activists. We believe that this is a deliberate effort to harm Guo Feixiong and kill him slowly. We ask that international organizations and foreign governments pay close attention to Guo Feixiong’s situation and carry out effective interventions to halt these heinous acts by the Chinese authorities.
Police Prevent Top Chinese Rights Attorneys From Leaving The Country
"I, my wife and our child were about to go through immigration, and we were standing at the line, and they looked at my passport, and called somebody over," Liang said after returning from Beijing's International Airport. "That person took us to one side and said he had a few things to ask us."
Beijing Court Extends Detention of Top Rights Lawyer by Three Months
Pu Zhiqiang, 50, was indicted on May 15 for "incitement to racial hatred" and "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble" after being held in criminal detention for more than a year.