China Nobel Peace Laureate's Widow 'Potential Suicide Risk': Friend
Beijing-based rights activist Hu Jia said the accumulated stress of being under continual house arrest and surveillance by state security police has left Liu in a state of long-term depression.Recent health problems may have exacerbated her low mood, Hu said.
Police in China's Shaanxi Deny Rights Lawyer in Their Custody
A police officer who answered the phone at the Jia county police department on Monday was unable to answer questions on Gao's whereabouts when contacted by RFA on Monday."Ah yes, right, I don't really know, because it's not our case," the officer said, when asked to confirm Gao's whereabouts. "This isn't a criminal police matter."
Health Officials in China's Hunan 'Kept Quiet' Over Tuberculosis Outbreak
TB experts were called in from the Hunan Tuberculosis Control Institute to help treat suspected cases. According to the institute, they treated 29 confirmed cases, five suspected cases and 38 students undergoing preventative medication and management, for a total of 72 cases.
China Launches Mao-Style Paeans of Praise to President Xi Jinping
Another Mao-era ditty proclaimed that "there is a golden sun in Beijing, that shines all over the earth," while the ruling Chinese Communist Party's anthem "The East is Red," contains the lines: "The east is red; the sun is rising. Mao Zedong has appeared in China."
Model Gigi Hadid Pulls Out of Victoria's Secret China Show
The surprise exit comes months after a video of Hadid triggered an outpouring of criticism on Chinese social networks. It showed Hadid squinting in a way that appeared to be a reference to a stereotype about Asian facial features.
Chinese Police Hold Teen After Fatal Stabbing in Hunan High School
The student, identified only by his surname Luo, stands accused of causing the death of his teacher Bao Fang in a bloody attack at the Yuanjiang No. 3 High School in Hunan's Yuanjiang city.
China Steps up Pressure on Hong Kong Over Sedition, Subversion Laws
In a speech that was greeted by protests on Thursday, the chairman of Beijing's Basic Law Committee, Li Fei, called on the city to pass the national security legislation as soon as possible.
Police in China's Xinjiang Raid Thousands of Muslim Kazakh Homes
An ethnic Kazakh resident of Tekes county, which is in the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, said he recently returned to China from a visit to relatives across the border in Kazakhstan to find his hometown a mass of police guarded and mobile checkpoints.
A Chinese Novelist Is Found in Translation
Mr. Xue is not unlike the narrator of his book, a Chinese historian living in exile in Canada who has become disillusioned with his birth country. He moved to Montreal from Shenzhen 16 years ago on a “skilled immigrant” visa. He is still widely read in China, and his collections of short stories and essays have made critics’ Top 10 lists in Asia, but his recent experience trying to get “Dr. Bethune’s Children” published in China has made him a bit disillusioned with his birth country.
Chinese Nationalism Jostles With Academic Freedom in Australia
Gao Song, a student from China at Monash University in Melbourne, was so upset that he condemned it online. His post created a stir back in China, where it was quoted in the local news media. The Chinese Consulate in Melbourne contacted him requesting regular updates. Global Times, an influential state-run newspaper in China, asked him to write articles about the incident.
'Disappeared' Chinese Rights Lawyer Formally Arrested Amid Health Concerns
Li's brother Li Yongsheng said he received notification of his sister's formal arrest on Wednesday on charges of "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble" from police in Liaoning's provincial capital, Shenyang.
China 'Worst Abuser of Internet Freedom' Worldwide: Freedom House Report
As the ruling Chinese Communist Party held its 19th Party Congress, enshrining the "new era" ideology of President Xi Jinping into its founding document, the government began to write many of its censorship strategies into law, the group said in its annual report on China.
China Lawyer Wang Yu's Son 'Depressed' After Police Halt Overseas Study Trip
Bao Zhuoxuan, Wang’s son, was stopped by customs officials in Tianjin as he was preparing to board a flight to Tokyo on Monday, held for an hour and then sent away after officials cut two corners of his passport to make the document invalid, his father Bao Longjun said on social media.
The Nightmare – An Excerpt of Lawyer Wang Yu’s Account of 709 Detention and Torture

I was told to take off all my clothes, stand in the middle of the room for inspection, and to turn my body three times. I objected to this insulting order. But these young girls didn’t care.They rushed forward, pushed me against the floor, and stripped me. I was crying, and pleading with them at the same time. Why would they insult me like this? Why didn’t they have any compassion? Why were they so violent to a small woman like me?

Chinese Songwriter Formally Arrested For Song About Late Liu Xiaobo
Singer-songwriters Xu Lin and Liu Sifang were being held in Nansha and Jiangxi respectively after they wrote songs together in memory of Liu, who died in police custody of late-stage liver cancer in July.
University in China's Guizhou Cancels Outspoken Economics Professor's Classes
"I received notification from Li Benguang, deputy head of the undergraduate program at the Institute of Economics, telling me that my undergraduate classes have been canceled," Yang told RFA."I asked them why, but they wouldn't give a reason."
China Carries Out 'Mass Detentions' of Ethnic Kazakhs in Xinjiang
Police in Dorbiljin (in Chinese, Emin) county, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture have swooped on an estimated 500 ethnic Kazakh traders and businesses in raids from Nov. 6-11, sources said.
Lawyer Wang Yu’s Son Blocked Again From Leaving China
The community of Chinese human rights lawyers responded to Bao Zhuoxuan’s situation  with anger. Wang Yu says she is not going to be silent anymore on the future of her son.Over the past two years, this young man has endured detention, beating, harassment, house arrest, and disruption of schooling, all because he is Wang Yu’s son. When he was allowed to resume high school hundreds miles away from home, his classroom was surveilled with three cameras, according to Wang Yu.Wang Yu’s account of her 709 ordeal is included in a book that just came out on Amazon. China Change will be publishing an excerpt momentarily.
Australian Book on China's 'Silent Invasion' Withdrawn At Last Minute Amid Legal Threats
Charles Sturt University author and ethicist Professor Clive Hamilton said he had expected the book, which details the low-key and sometimes clandestine efforts of Chinese Communist Party agents within Australia's borders to influence public opinion, to sell well.
Trump Leaves China Amid Concern Over Lack of Human Rights Support
A survivor of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre said he is still under 24-hour police guard, in spite of being on a dialysis machine for some of the time."All dissidents in Beijing are being watched round the clock in three shifts, some by the state security police, and others by a local police car [outside their homes]," Qi said.
The City of Weimar in Germany Saw Its Website Attacked for Giving Human Rights Prize to Uighur Professor Ilham Tohti
The Weimar City Council, in announcing the award, said: “As a professor of economics and sociology at the Central University for Nationalities (Minzu), for decades Ilham Tohti spared no effort in publicizing the economic and social difficulties faced by Uighurs in Xinjiang. At the same time he advocated the peaceful coexistence of Uighurs, Hans and all other ethnic minority groups. He urged the Chinese government to respect its Regional Ethnic Autonomy Law.”
Another Human Rights Lawyer Targeted in Continuous Crackdown
When the July 9, 2015 (709) crackdown on human rights lawyers began, he became the defense lawyer for Wang Yu, the first of scores of lawyers arrested that day and afterward.  But he was not allowed to meet his client despite making numerous trips to Tianjin and lodging several complaints.He has taken on Falun Gong cases as well as many other cases across China. “After becoming Wang Yu’s lawyer, I wanted to understand what Wang Yu had done and what kind of group Falun Gong was, so I started taking Falun Gong cases,” Wen Donghai told the Falun Gong newspaper Epoch Times in a recent interview.
Chinese Rights Activist Interrogated For 'Insulting National Leader'
Editor Ding Lingjie of the Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch website is being held at the Shijingshan Detention Center on the outskirts of the Chinese capital after initially 'disappearing' in Shandong's Zibo city.
Hong Kong Moves Ahead With Controversial Anthem Law As Fans Boo Once More
Hong Kong jeered, turned their backs, and yelled Cantonese obscenities as the rousing anthem of the People's Republic of China played over the loudspeakers at the Mong Kok Stadium ahead of a friendly match against Bahrain.
Chinese Dissident Writer Yang Tianshui Dies of Cancer in Prison
Yang, whose birth name was Yang Tongyan, died in the last year of his sentence in Nanjing Prison in the eastern province of Jiangsu following the diagnosis of a brain tumor on Aug. 12, the U.S.-based writers' group International PEN said in a statement.
China Holds 9 Uyghurs, 2 Others Over 'Terrorist, Extremist' Videos
Since August, police in the region have investigated 15 cases of "disseminating illegal information online," the Xinjiang Internet Information Office said at the weekend.Nine of the "suspects" were Turkic-speaking, mostly Muslim Uyghurs, one a non-Uyghur Hui Muslim and one an ethnic Kazakh citizen of China, many of whom are also Muslims.
Human Rights Groups Demanded That President Trump Pay Close Attention to the Human Rights Situation in China
London-based rights group Amnesty International said on Tuesday it is concerned about the detention of 60-year-old rights lawyer Li Yuhan, held under criminal detention for nearly a month without any official information about the charges against her.
10 North Koreans Detained in China; ‘We Fear the Worst,’ Activist Says
The boy, his mother and another North Korean left their hometown near the border with China 10 days ago, said the activist, the Rev. Kim Seung-eun, who helped them to flee.They were hiding with seven other North Koreans in a house in Shenyang, China, that was raided by the local police on Saturday, Mr. Kim said.
Hong Kong Democracy Activists Win Last Chance to Appeal Jail Terms in Highest Court
Hong Kong's appeals court jailed Joshua Wong, 21, Alex Chow, 27, and Nathan Law, 24, leaders of the Chinese-ruled city's democracy movement, in August, for illegal assembly.They are serving six, seven and eight-month jail terms, respectively.
China Moves to Ban 'Disrespect' of National Anthem in Hong Kong, Macau
Insertion of the legislation into the annexes of Hong Kong and Macau's Basic Law mean that the two cities must now take steps to incorporate them into their separate legal jurisdictions through promulgation or legislation.