Two Prominent Chinese Activists Set for Trial on Public Order Charges
Both men were detained in August 2013, several months after taking part in anti-censorship protests outside the cutting-edge Southern Weekly newspaper buildings in Guangzhou, and after they called on Chinese leaders to declare details of their own and their families' assets.
Hong Kong Student Leaders Slam Police Violence, Mull Further Action
Joshua Wong, 18, who heads the academic activist group Scholarism, told reporters after being bailed out from his arrest for contempt of court, that police who dragged him away from the Mong Kok street held by Occupy Central protesters until early this week had used violence.
Hong Kong Police Clear Democracy Protest in Mong Kok, Arrest Leaders
Protesters, including Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) spokesman Lester Shum and Scholarism leader Joshua Wong, were carried away unresisting for continuing to obstruct a section of the busy Nathan Road shopping street following megaphone warnings that those who remained could be held in contempt of court.
Journalists Beaten, Held As Police Clear Hong Kong Protest Site
"Police have not just used force to disperse protesters, but also against people who are clearly identified as being in the media," it said, adding that repeated meetings with police officials to complain about the issue appear to have had scant effect.
Prominent China rights lawyer could face harsher charges: attorney
The new charges against Pu Zhiqiang add to evidence that the case against him is politically motivated, his supporters say. They come amid what rights groups say is the most severe clampdown on human rights in decades.
Hong Kong Authorities Arrest 80 While Clearing Protest Site
Activist Leung Kwok-hung, a pro-democracy member of the legislative council, told VOA the morning went as expected and planned. “Basically, it was in a peaceful situation that [occupiers] negotiated with the police and bailiffs, which basically is in line with our strategy of peaceful resistance.”
Seven Students of Jailed Uyghur Scholar Stand Trial For 'Separatism'
"The trial of the seven students in the Ilham Tohti case has just wrapped up," Beijing-based Li Fangping, one of Tohti's defense team, said Tuesday in a post on his microblog. "The verdict will be announced at a later date."
Tibetan activist-writer challenges China’s ‘rule of law’ rhetoric in new book
In this excerpt, Di Lhaden writes about his motivation for writing the book, expresses his belief that Tibet’s non-violent struggle has the potential to achieve genuine peace and reconciliation between the Tibetan people and the Chinese government.Di Lhaden asks the China to acknowledge, rather than violently crush, the legitimate grievances and aspirations of the Tibetan people, which he believes are in accord with the laws and constitution of the People’s Republic of China. He believes that Tibet’s non-violent struggle is inspired by the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
Lawyer Blasts Jailed Chinese Rights Attorney’s 'Separatism' Charge
His newly appointed lawyer, Mo Shaoping, told RFA on Monday that the separatism charges, which are linked to Pu's criticism of the government's treatment of ethnic minority Uyghurs in the wake of a deadly March 1 knife attack in Kunming railway station, don't appear to stand up.
China Fires Journalist Who Tweeted In Support of Occupy Central
Wang Yafeng, who wrote editorials for Communist Party mouthpiece the Jiaxing Daily in the eastern province of Zhejiang, lost his job after sending out tweets highly critical of state media's line on the Hong Kong protests on his personal microblog account.
Hong Kong Protest’s Founders Plan to Surrender
According to local news reports, co-founders Chan Kin-man, Benny Tai and Chu Yiu-ming formally proposed the idea in a meeting Friday with representatives of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, Scholarism, Pan-democrats and other groups.
Hong Kong Protests at a Crossroads
Kiki agrees. She works in sales in Mongkok, then comes to the protest sites.  after work. "I know maybe we need to wait for a long time," she said. "But if we … hand down [give up], maybe the Beijing government can kill my sound [voice]. This is not what we want."
Chinese journalist charged with handing over state secrets
The journalist Gao Yu, 70, is charged with giving state secrets to foreign contacts and faces a life sentence if found guilty, as is all but guaranteed in such cases. State media have said she is accused of leaking an internal Communist party document to foreigners.
Rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang faces more charges as police hand case to prosecutors
Pu was placed in criminal detention in early May, three days after attending a private meeting commemorating the 25th anniversary of the crackdown on the Tiananmen pro-democracy movement. He was one of five scholars and activists detained by police after the event, although the others were released on bail.
Chinese journalist Gao Yu faces trial for leaking state secrets
At the time, it was an astonishing confession. Gao Yu, a highly respected freelance journalist, was shown on national television in China, admitting she made a "big mistake".
Chinese activist and journalist go on trial
President Xi Jinping's government has convicted and detained hundreds of people in what rights groups say is the most severe assault on human rights in China since the 1989 crackdown on a pro-democracy movement around Beijing's Tiananmen Square.
Chinese Mining Truck Mows Down Inner Mongolian Herder
A mining truck from China’s Jin Di Mining Group ran over Ayungaa, a 19-year-old herder from Abag (in Chinese, Abaga) Banner in western Inner Mongolia’s Shiliin-gol (Xilingguolei) League, on his grazing land in Saruultal Gachaa, Bodgo ull Sum on Nov. 8. His horse also died under the vehicle’s wheels.
China Arrests Activist For Supporting Hong Kong Democracy Movement
Wang Mo has been formally arrested on suspicion of "incitement to subvert state power" after he took part in an activity in support of Hong Kong's Occupy Central movement, which has taken over sections of highway in the former British colony in a campaign for free elections in 2017.
Chinese journalist Gao Yu faces life sentence for leaking state secrets
A prominent liberal Chinese journalist has denied that she “leaked state secrets” during a four-hour trial in Beijing. Gao Yu, 70, was arrested in April and charged with feeding a secret document from the Communist party’s central leadership to “an overseas website”.
China Moves Ahead With Trials of Two Rights Lawyers
Gao Guangqing, defense attorney for Beijing-based Pu Zhiqiang, who met with his client in the Beijing No. 1 Detention Center earlier this week, said the charges against him are more serious than the previous public order charges on which he was originally arrested, although those still remain.
Brother of Jailed Chinese Journalist Denies Charges Ahead of Trial
She later appeared on the ruling Chinese Communist Party's state television channel CCTV, where she was shown, her face blurred on screen, apparently confessing to having obtained a highly confidential document and sending it to an overseas website.
Striving for Wealth and Truth in China, in Face of Monolithic Government
“Age of Ambition” is, Mr. Osnos writes, “an account of the collision of two forces: aspiration and authoritarianism.” It is also a riveting and troubling portrait of a people in a state of extreme anxiety about their identity, values and future. 
Democracy Campaigners Condemn Smashing of Hong Kong's Legislature
Student leaders of the Occupy Central protests, which have taken over stretches of major highways in the former British colony since Sept. 28, and pan-democratic politicians said they were "heartbroken" by the attempt to smash through the glass-paneled entrance of the building in the early hours of Wednesday by protesters wielding broken paving stones.
Police use house arrest to starve activist and her husband
On Thursday,  Nov. 13, 2014, a U.S. diplomat from the American embassy’s political section tried to bring food to the couple.  Two police officers—ID numbers 025475, 023733—denied him entry. The diplomat asked the officers to deliver the food, but they refused.
China To Try Journalist For 'Leaking Secrets' in Secret Trial
Gao, 70, hired Mo, a top Chinese rights lawyer to defend her against charges of "leaking state secrets overseas" after she was detained in secret on April 24, and formally arrested on May 30.
Hong Kong Begins Peaceful Clearing of Occupied Protest Sites
The barricade removal came shortly after a court injunction against blocking traffic to Citic Tower, an office building. Protesters did not resist as workers succeeded in clearing a way to the building’s parking garage.
Chinese Government Moves to Limit and Eliminate Public Service NGOs: the Case of Liren Rural Libraries
As an educational public service organization, Liren had earlier been questioned about another of its projects — study tour summer camps. These summer camps organize young students to go on study tours, and they employ scholars as guidance counselors. As such, these summer camps have been well received. Soon after their formation, however, they found themselves in trouble and were forced to adjust their program in light of government surveillence.
Hong Kong Warns It May Clear Part of Protest Site
The government said police officers were ready to help court bailiffs enforce an injunction ordering people to stop congregating around the Citic Tower in Admiralty, a neighborhood near government headquarters that for more than 50 days has become a street camp for thousands of protesters, some living in tents.
Newspaper Calls on Chinese Academics to Cut the Criticism
The newspaper said its reporters sat through close to 100 classes at 20 schools in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang and Wuhan. While the report has many passages expressing respect for teachers and their role in society, it was strongly critical of instructors for not being sufficiently supportive of China’s political system, saying “the phenomenon of ‘being scornful of China’ definitely exists, and in some cases it’s quite excessive.”
China Bars Hong Kong Student Leaders From Boarding Flight to Beijing
Alex Chow, leader of the influential Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) and two fellow HKFS activists, Eason Chung and Nathan Law, were unable to board the Cathay Pacific flight at Hong Kong's International Airport."Airline officials informed [them] they did not have the required travel documents to get on the plane," Lester Shum, deputy secretary general of HKFS, told reporters.