Standoff in Hong Kong's Legislature Amid Row Over New Lawmakers' Oaths
The protesters gathered outside the Legislative Council (LegCo) building to show support for Sixtus Leung and Yau Wai-ching of the "localist" group Youngspiration, who barged into the chamber on Wednesday, saying the LegCo chairman Andrew Leung didn't have the authority under procedural rules to bar them from meetings.
Rights Groups Slam China's Record Ahead of U.N. Council Vote
The New York-based Human Rights Watch cited China as a current council member that has failed to live up to the terms of its pledges to the Council."The government of [President] Xi Jinping has overseen the most aggressive campaign against human rights since the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre," the group said in a statement ahead of the vote.
Chinese Activists Detained As Xi Seeks to Cement Leadership of Ruling Party
"They took Huang Qi away at 9.20 p.m. on Monday evening," Tianwang volunteer Pu Fei told RFA on Tuesday. "The police confirmed to us that they have detained him, but apart from that, we haven't heard any news of him since."
Chinese Democracy Activist Granted Refugee Status by United Nations
Democracy activist Zhou Ping arrived in Bangkok at the end of August with his wife and two sons, applying for resettlement with the U.N. High Commission for Refugees on the grounds that his family's future had been placed in jeopardy because of his peaceful activism.
Thousands of Petitioners Flood Chinese Capital During Top-Level Meeting
The petitioners, who hail from across China, gathered outside government complaints offices in the hope of winning redress for long-running complaints against local officials, as the sixth plenary session of the 18th Party Congress opened in Beijing.
Court Rejects Appeal of Jailed Former Head of China's Rebel Village
Lin Zuluan, former ruling Communist Party secretary for Guangdong's Wukan village, was handed a 37-month jail term and a U.S.$60,000 fine after a court in Foshan city found him guilty of taking bribes and of other charges last month.
Hong Kong TV Show Pulled Over Debate on Independence For The City
ViuTV canceled a Japan travel show featuring Hong Kong student leader Billy Fung and former 1989 protest leader Wang Dan after they attended a speaking engagement at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan at which they discussed the topic.
Pro-China Lawmakers Stage Mass Walkout in Hong Kong Over Oaths
Two new members took their oaths a second time on Wednesday without incident, but then pro-Beijing lawmakers walked out of the chamber, forcing an adjournment because there was no longer a quorum.
Hong Kong: Why there is chaos in parliament

On Wednesday, dozens of lawmakers staged a walk-out ahead of a second attempt to swear in newly elected pro-independence lawmakers.On the surface, the row is over the oath lawmakers have to take.But it has brought to the fore the deep divisions between those who accept and those challenging Chinese control.

One Year On, Fifth Hong Kong Bookseller Still 'Disappeared'
Gui, who headed the Mighty Current publishing house based around the Causeway Bay Books store in Hong Kong, is the last of five booksellers to be unaccounted for after their cross-border detentions sparked accusations that Beijing had broken its treaty obligations to the city.
China's Army Veterans Face Backlash Following Mass Beijing Protests
Provincial-level officials were ordered to Beijing last week to escort thousands of disgruntled People's Liberation Army (PLA) veterans back to their hometowns following mass protests outside the party's military headquarters.
Hong Kong court allows lawmakers to take office
Judge Thomas Au of the High Court rejected a request for their swearing-in to be delayed for a judicial review.Yau Wai-ching and Sixtus Leung of the Youngspiration party had their oaths invalidated last week after mounting an anti-China protest in the legislature.
Xian Under Security Alert After Thousands Protest Incinerator Plant
"The authorities have issued a level 2 security alert in order to prevent some local people from taking their complaint to the provincial government," an order faxed to the police and other security services in Shaanxi's provincial capital on Monday said.
No News of Last Tiananmen Prisoner After Expected Release Date
The former worker from the northern province of Hebei, which borders Beijing, was handed a suspended death sentence on Aug. 7, 1989 for "arson" after he allegedly threw a basket at a burning tank amid popular resistance to the People's Liberation Army (PLA)'s crackdown on the protests.
China Property Boom Spurs Fear of Bubble’s Burst
In August, an unremarkable piece of land around the corner from Ms. Zheng sold for nearly $2,000 a square foot, a national record and nearly three times the average land price in Manhattan. Local officials grew more insistent and threatened to tear down their bathroom.
A Chinese Millennial’s Crime and Punishment: The Story of Li Tingyu
Li Tingyu and Lu Yuyu have become well-known online in recent years for their dogged work, through the Non-News blog, in searching, collating, and publishing information about mass incidents around China.As Li Tingyu’s lawyer, I came to understand her personal background and history in the course of representing her and meeting her in custody. She gave her permission for me to set it down.
China Expels Nine Uyghur Children From Soccer Talent Program
Hengshui Power Football Club received applications for training contracts from promising youngsters from across China following a nationwide recruitment drive, among them nine members of the mostly Muslim, Turkic-speaking Uyghur group, who won places on the scheme.
Former Masanjia Labor Camp Whistleblower Flees China For Thailand
Hao Wei, who hails from the northeastern province of Liaoning, arrived in Bangkok earlier this month, and has applied for refugee status with the United Nations, she said.
China's Last Tiananmen Prisoner Set to be Freed, But Frail
Miao Deshun's expected release follows an 11-month sentence reduction, according to the Dui Hua Foundation, a San Francisco-based group that advocates for the rights of political prisoners in China.
Chinese Laborer Swings From Scaffolding to Online Body-Building Fame
“While other people are eating and singing karaoke, I’m whole-heartedly focused on what I want to do,” Shi told Reuters inside the dusty temple where he works in southern Fujian province.
Provincial Leaders Summoned as Beijing Sends PLA Veterans Home With Promises
Thousands of veterans lined the streets on Tuesday and Wednesday outside the party's military arm in protest at the authorities' failure to deliver promised pension, medical and social security benefits.
China Slaps Website With Two-Month Suspension From Media 'Whitelist'
The website had also published "problematic reports" that had caused "seriously negative" repercussions when republished elsewhere, an Oct. 11 directive reposted by the China Digital Times website said.
Jailed Former Head of China's Rebel Village Retracts 'Confession'
Lin Zuluan, former ruling Chinese Communist Party secretary for Guangdong's Wukan village, was handed a 37-month jail term and a U.S.$60,000 fine after a court in Foshan city found him guilty of taking bribes and of other charges last month.
Hong Kong rebel lawmakers protest China at oath-taking

Mr Leung and Ms Yau, members of the pro-independence Youngspiration party, swore while saying their oaths and mispronounced "China".The pair also displayed a banner with the words "HK is not China".

Thousands of Chinese Army Veterans Protest in Beijing
The protesters converged on Beijing from around a dozen cities and provinces in a concerted bid to air long-running grievances from a group that has been identified by the leadership as one of the most politically sensitive in China.
China Jails Environmental Activist For 'Revealing State Secrets'
Liu Shu was taken away from her home in the provincial capital Changsha on Sunday night and sentenced to 10 days' administrative detention for "revealing state secrets related to China's counterespionage work."
Protests in California Over Communist Party's 'Long March' Anniversary Gala
The Oct. 8 gala event sparked protests outside the venue in San Gabriel, with protesters hitting out at the celebration of a brutal and dictatorial regime.Protesters held up placards that read "Don’t Celebrate Communism" and "Stop Torture" outside the Mission Playhouse, local media reported.
China Seeks Tighter Grip in Wake of a Religious Revival
These are among the measures expected to be adopted when the Chinese government enacts regulations tightening its oversight of religion in the coming days, the latest move by President Xi Jinping to strengthen the Communist Party’s control over society and combat foreign influences it considers subversive.
Han Lianchao: Is The Dalai Lama A Separatist?
I recently heard His Holiness the Dalai Lama deliver a lengthy discussion on his philosophy at a talk in Brussels. I was impressed by his great compassion for humanity, as well as by his firm stance against violence and separatism, his genuine desire to resolve Han-Tibetan enmity, and his sincere attitude toward compromise and negotiation with the central government. Unconcerned by opposition from young Tibetans and the radicalism of some anti-Communist Han Chinese, he still remains committed to his Middle Way Approach, has abandoned demands for Tibetan independence, and is willing to seek real autonomy for Tibet under the Chinese Communists’ current legal framework and political system.
Hong Kong Stages 'Chairman Mao' Cantonese Opera Amid Strong Criticism
The specialist Sunbeam Theater staged the production to mark the 67th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, which was proclaimed by late supreme leader Mao Zedong from atop Tiananmen Gate in Beijing.