Chinese Authorities Release Three of 'Zhengzhou 10' Tiananmen Activists
Rights lawyer Ji Laisong and Zhengzhou-based activists Fang Yan and Chen Wei were released "on bail" after being detained in May after the group tried to commemorate this year's anniversary of the brutal Tiananmen Square crackdown.
Hong Kong Activists Vow Further Action After China's 'Fake Election' Plan
Li Fei, a Hong Kong affairs committee member of China's top legislative body, the National People's Congress (NPC) , was forced to speak over the shouts of veteran lawmaker and activist Leung Kwok-hung, also known as "Long Hair," as he took the podium at the Asia World Expo convention center.
Macao Daily journalists arrested
A group of more than 10 people from a civil society reform group went to the procuratorate to support Cui Zizhao and Liang Jiawei. The supporters criticized the police crackdown on activists. According to an on-site journalist’s understanding, after Cui Zizhao and Liang Jiawei were taken to the procuratorate, they had to wait quite awhile and then answer the procurator’s questions.
The ICJ urges Chinese authorities to release lawyers
“These lawyers appear to have been arrested solely for trying to do their job, or exercising their freedoms of expression and assembly, on matters the Chinese government considers politically sensitive,” said Matt Pollard, Head of the ICJ’s Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers.
Foreign Forces in League With Hong Kong’s Democrats Include Gandhi, King, Jesus
All three of those men made their presence felt Sunday night at a harborfront park in Hong Kong, as thousands of people gathered in intermittent rain to protest a decision by China’s legislature to put firm restrictions on a plan to expand the franchise to allow all adults in the territory to vote for their leader, the chief executive.
Chang Ping:Lies Not a Part of Diversity of Views
For example, he had reprimanded Western media for “unilaterally exaggerating the facts in describing the incident,” which happens to be the Tiananmen massacre. After Chinese activists questioned his conclusions, the “evidence” he comes up with is to claim that his critics “completely exaggerate when they call the government’s brainwashing efforts unprecedented.”
Chang Ping:How Brainwashing Works in China
However, from Mr. Sieren’s reasoning, we can gather that he is completely ignorant of the brainwashing juggernaut at the service of the CCP and its significant evolution since 1989. From where he is sitting, he sees some people travel freely and have access to diverse points of view from around the world, and concludes that brainwashing is impossible.
China tells journalists to learn 'Marxist news values'
Xi has espoused old school Maoism as he seeks to court powerful conservative elements in the party. Like many officials before him, Xi is steeped in the party's long-held belief that loosening control too quickly or even at all could lead to chaos and the break up of the country.
Tensions Rise in Hong Kong Ahead of Decision on Elections
Chinese officials and media have already indicated that while Hong Kong's five million voters will each get a ballot in the 2017 election for chief executive, the nomination process for candidates will be closely controlled by the ruling Chinese Communist Party.
Macau to 're-elect' leader as democratic rumblings, mirroring Hong Kong, are stifled
The election in the tiny but wealthy former Portuguese-run enclave, by a select panel of 400 largely pro-China loyalists with Chui the only candidate, echoes the struggle in Hong Kong, where activists have been pushing for universal suffrage since China reclaimed the British colony in 1997.
Hong Kong Graft Police Raid Home of Critical Media Magnate
Officers also raided the home of pro-democracy lawmaker Lee Cheuk-yan, who is a vocal rights activist and critic of the June 4, 1989, military crackdown on student-led democracy protests on Tiananmen Square. "The ICAC was here," Lai confirmed to reporters after the search on Thursday.
A Debate Over Tiananmen Finds Echoes in Germany’s Fascist Past
That was the gist of recent articles by Frank Sieren, a Beijing-based German media consultant and columnist for Deutsche Welle, a German state-run broadcaster, the first of which ran on the station’s website on June 4, the 25th anniversary of the killings in Beijing.
Media Tycoon Critical of China Is Visited by Hong Kong Antigraft Agency
In a public statement issued Thursday evening, the Independent Commission Against Corruption said that four premises had been searched during the day after the agency obtained warrants from the Court of First Instance. The investigation began after the agency received notices that alleged some legislators had violated an antibribery law, the statement said, although it did not name the parties involved.
Tibetan-Chinese Reconciliation an 'Urgent, Historic' Task: Exile Official
“The quest for a peaceful resolution through non-violence and dialogue is no doubt a very tough and challenging task,” Kelsang Gyaltsen, special representative to Europe of exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, told a Sino-Tibetan conference in Hamburg, Germany, on Wednesday.
Her work opposing the Three Gorges Dam project in the 1980s and 90s (including the publication of her books Yangtze! Yangtze! and River Dragon Has Come) earned her international recognition, and her activism during this period also saw her imprisoned by Chinese authorities. While the tools have changed significantly over the decades, Dai Qing’s insights on investigative reporting from inside China, and the importance of press freedom, are as valuable as ever.
Chinese Security Personnel Storm Zhejiang Church, Demolish Cross
"They demolished [it] at about 5.00 to 6.00 p.m.," a Protestant pastor who asked to remain unnamed told RFA on Thursday. "The first time they tried it, they were unsuccessful."
Pretrial Hearing Scheduled For Detained Uyghur Scholar Tohti
"Originally it was scheduled for Sept. 5, but there was a clash with another case that [fellow defense lawyer] Li Fangping is working on, so it's been moved to the morning of Sept. 7," he said.
Inspiring Dialogue, Not Dissent, in China-'Nowhere to Call Home' Examines Prejudices
That is the beginning of “Nowhere to Call Home,” a documentary by a foreign correspondent in Beijing, Jocelyn Ford, showing at the Museum of Modern Art this month. The film follows Zanta (who, like many Tibetans, goes by one name) here and in her hometown, where she confronts her father-in-law. Along the way, it becomes clear that the relative from another lifetime is Ms. Ford, who breaks the traditional wall between journalist and subject by becoming a friend.
China moves to limit Hong Kong election could stir protests
Hong Kong, which returned to Chinese rule from British colonial administration in 1997, has been deeply polarized and hit by protests over how its next leader is chosen in 2017 – by universal suffrage, as the democrats would like, or from a list of pro-Beijing candidates.
Handan city, Hebei province real estate fund collapses, more than 1,000 victims demonstrate
A Handan city, Hebei province real estate fund collapses, financing for several construction projects implodes. Investors take to the streets. On the morning of Monday August 25, Golden Century, Dragon Mansions, New City International, 10,000 Return Victorious City etc. and more than 1,000 proprietors and investors assembled at the Handan municipal Communist Party committee demanding their rights.
Report Reveals Workings of China's Online 'Opinion Managers'
Distinct from the less well-paid "50-cent army" hired by Internet service providers, government agencies and academic bodies to make pro-government comments and delete posts, these "opinion analysts" feed back to the ruling Chinese Communist Party, educational institutions and government agencies condensed reports on vast amounts of social media postings.
Yunnan province Ludian county earthquake victims protest march
On Saturday August 23 more than 100 villagers in Ludian county’s Dragon Head Mountain and Lehong Township brought protest banners to the manmade lake in the county town and county government to demonstrate. They consider the government’s settlement allowance  unjust. 
Protests point to Macau awakening
If Macau were an independent country, it would be the world's fourth richest per person - behind Luxembourg, Norway and Qatar, and just ahead of Switzerland, according to the newest figures from the World Bank.
China Extends Detention of 'Guangzhou Three' Lawyers
The three were detained amid a nationwide crackdown on activists and family members of victims of the 1989 military crackdown on the Tiananmen Square student-led pro-democracy movement in the run-up to the 25th anniversary on June 4.
Leaked Documents Reveal How the Chinese Communist Party Channels Public Opinion

In order to strengthen the monitoring of the Internet, the Chinese government decided to endorse “Internet opinion analyst” as an official occupation status. Many critics point out that the policy implies a change of the Chinese government propaganda tactic, yet relatively little is known about how opinions are “channelled” and what mechanisms analysts use in order to do their jobs. This begs the question: what exactly do online opinion analysts do? 

China leaders discuss Hong Kong's political future
Lawmakers would deliberate on a report from Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung on whether to revise election methods for the territory's top job, state-run Xinhua news agency said. Mr Leung was selected by a 1,200-member committee in 2012, but in 2017 Hong Kong residents will be allowed to vote for their leader.
Xinjiang Yarkand Massacre: Ramadan prayers trigger soldiers and police to kill thousands
A knowledgeable source told us that such a massacre of everyone in these villages, whether men, women, children, or the elderly, was to ensure that there would be no survivors and thus no witnesses. This has happened many times in Xinjiang. The first was senior CCP official Wang Zhenkai, who attacked and destroyed entire villages. Such events from the past are already an open secret. 
China's Beijing Independent Film Festival shut down
Security was tight at the venue in the Beijing suburb of Songzhuang, with about two dozen men blocking the area and preventing around 30 film directors and members of the public from entering, the Associated Press (AP) news agency reports.
After Eight Years on Death Row, Chinese Man Found Not Guilty of Murder
Nian's brother Nian Xiaobin said the family was overjoyed at the result, which came after eight years of legal battles, including a trip to Hong Kong to find expert witnesses.
China executes eight, including Tiananmen attackers
The government has accused separatist militants based in Xinjiang of carrying out a string of recent attacks. Xinjiang is the traditional home of Muslim Uighurs, who speak a distinct language and have different customs to the majority Han population elsewhere in China.